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In the last post, we talked about words and how they can help us shape the world around us.

But how’s that work?

Let’s look at the  mechanics of consciousness…

From both a psychological viewpoint and a metaphysical viewpoint, your mind is divided into the conscious mind and the unconscious mind. The conscious mind has about 20% of the power of the brain and the unconscious the other 80% (please note-your mileage may vary :-)….)

The conscious mind holds

  • what you’re thinking about at any particular moment
  • logic
  • decisions you make by thinking about them
  • judgement(whether good or bad)
  • the things you make a conscious choice to believe
  • and other stuff like that

All of the mental stuff you’re aware of…

The unconscious mind holds

  • our beliefs
  • the things we were taught by others while growing up(accurate or not)
  • the things we learned from our experiences (accurate or not)
  • faith
  • the mind-body connection
  • most of our unconscious programming
  • and other stuff that we’re not always aware of bu that affect how we live our lives.

All of the mental stuff that you’re not so aware of, but that is helping drive the bus of your life nonetheless…

Magick, metaphysics, psychic ability and such things? For most of us, they start in the unconscious mind and gradually move into the conscious as we work to develop more conscious control of them.

So, while much of our lives is chosen consciously, quite a bit of what we experience is laid down by beliefs from the unconscious.

And unconscious beliefs are not always accurate, current or in our best interests. Since these beliefs are unconscious and often hidden from us, we can’t always evaluate them for whether they’re working for us or not.

And, since the unconscious packs a heck of a wallop, messed up unconscious beliefs can really mess up a life.

So how do those beliefs get messed up? How can we fix them?

The power of words…

More words are coming…






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From the beginning of story, words have been important channels of power in the mysteries…

Beings of power that can be bound if you know their true names…

Chants of seemingly nonsense words that serve to focus energy…

Rhymes or songs that change reality…

Even in the beginning, there was the Word….

There’s a reason for this.

As human beings, we’re symbolic beings, and words are the  tools we use to create and apply those symbols to ourselves and the world around us. By naming things, by defining things, by saying what is so ( and what isn’t), we apply the energy that shapes our reality and how we interact with it.

Pretty high-falutin’ words those, no? Well, walk with me – it gets interesting…

Words affect us psychologically. They also affect us metaphysically.

From the psychological end

  • words create our beliefs about who we are and what we can do
  • words create our beliefs about the world and what is or isn’t possible
  • words can be used to change our beliefs, making us more powerful or less so

From the metaphysical end

  • we can use words to focus energy, like a lens focuses a laser, to accomplish things we want to do
  • we can use the vibration in sound to shift the vibration in other things, changing what they are
  • naming things can give us control over what they are and how we interact with them
  • naming things can also help to attract them
  • the energy attached to specific words can make it easier or harder to do things
  • and lots more other fun applications..

In short, words can make us more powerful and capable, or less so.

 Words can make things easier or harder.

And words can help us do things that other folks believe are impossible….

Because of the words in their heads…

More words are on the way






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We’ve been talking about a number of things that are integral ingredients of  the various types of magick or energywork. Things like crystals and chakras; potions and energetic shields; psychic ability and herbs.

But have you thought about one of the most essential elements of all of the different spiritual or metaphysical systems in the world?.. 

I’m talking about words…

Words can activate or shut down the mind-body  connection….

Words can be used to name things and change what they are….

Words repeated can shift the nature of reality….

There’s a reason why cultures around the world believe that words have power;

And we’re going to be looking at some of the ways that words can be used to make your world a better place.

See you soon






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