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A few months back, Starwolf and I were camping out at a renaissance  faire.

We had just climbed into bed in our booth when rain began to patter on the roof of the tent.

We looked at each other. Rain might mean no customers the following day,and, on top of that, meant packing up wet gear for a long drive back to Connecticut at the end of the weekend. No fun.

So we started to play a gentle manifestation game called “Wouldn’t it be nice?”…

“Wouldn’t it be nice” I said “if the rain eased off..”

And the rain slowed…

“Wouldn’t it be nice ” said Starwolf  “if the rain turned to a slight drizzle and nothing more…”

And the rain slowed even more….

“Wouldn’t it be nice” I said “if t stopped raining altogether..”

And the rain totally stopped.

In the darkness, Starwolf looked at me. I looked him.

“Wouldn’t it be nice” said Starwolf  “if we won several million dollars in the lottery…”

And it began to rain again..

   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *  *   *     *   *   *   *   *

So what happened there?

Well, in theory, it is no more difficult to manifest a million dollar than a cup of coffee.

In practice, the beliefs we have have an effect on how effective we are at manifestation. If you believe that it’s harder to manifest one thing than another, or that manifestation doesn’t work at all, you create resisitance, which can make it harder to manifest something.

Because we believe that weather can possibly be influenced, a gentle manifestation technique (like “Wouldn’t it be nice?…”) can have an effect on it. Because it’s a bigger leap of faith to manifest a wind fall of that level, we haven’t gotten there yet (and the rain retarted jut to make the point…)

Have you been experimenting with manifestation and not suceeding? Then maybe it’s time to look at your beliefs and the resistance they are creating…

(Want one way to deal with resistance? Check  out “Kaizen and the Dragons of Resistance”)






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We’ve been talking about the phenemenom of obstacles popping up on the path to your dreams.

Sometimes this happens because we’re heading for the right Dream, but we’re taking the wrong route….

As we discussed a ways back, if you want to get some where, first you need to know where you’re going (or you could end up any where…). When climbing the ladder of success, you need to be sure that you’ve leaned your ladder against the right wall.

Once you’ve gotten clear on that, one of the other major stumbling blocks most of us run into is to think that our dreams will come to us in one specific way, and that way only.

Dream – marriage. Wrong route – just like my parents had.

Dream – professional success. Wrong route – through a field that most people think of as sucessful

Dream – serving the Universe. Wrong route – working with people in poverty overseas.

(By the by, when I’m listing these things as “wrong route”, it doesn’t mean that this may be the wrong route for you. It may be your perfect route. These are just common examples of how you can be heading the right direction, but get sidetracked by an expected route off of the way that you are supposed to reach your dream…)

Some times we get so set on reaching our dream by a particular method, that we lose track of the fact that there’s another (or several other) ways to get there that would be easier, quicker, more pleasurable.

It’s like if there’s a big traffic jam on the highway,

You can get on and sit there listening to the radio and going nowhere for a couple of hours…

Or you can take an alternate route and be there in 15 minutes….

Feel like you’re banging your head against the wall in trying to reach your dream?

Then it might be good to stop, step back, and take a good look at whether you’ve gotten so attatched to getting your dream in a particular way that you’ve closed off the avenues to better options…

More coming 🙂






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We’ve been talking about blocks to manifestation. About how some of them are sent to test our resolve, while some of them are indications that we’re on the wrong path.

One of the reasons we may find manifestation blocks is because we’re trying to manifest one thing when we really want/ need  another.

Like the guy who tries to manifest a sports car when what he really wants is to feel young and desirable.

Or the woman who tries to manifest a romantic partner when what she really wants is to feel good about herself – a feeling that she believes external validation will give her.

When this happens, often manifestation will grind to a halt;

Or worse, the person will manifest what he asked for only to find that it makes him unhappy(the insurance on the sports car and the high maintenance spouse being two examples..).

So how do we overcome this kind of block?

We ask ourself the magic question –

“Why do I want this?”

( My husband says that “Why” is my favorite word :-)…..)

Why does one want to manifest a lottery win?

Because you’d like to have a lot of money.

Why do you want that?

Because enough money would let you quit your job and spend more time doing the things you love.

Why do you want that?

Because you love doing those things but don’t have enough time to do them right now.

So, at that point, a lottery win is nice, and money would be welcome, but what you really need to be focusing on is manifesting the freedom, time and energy to do the things you love.

And a lottery win is only one possible way this could happen…

See how that works?

Many times, you’ll find that the “Why” boils down to a feeling or state of being, such as status, self-esteem, freedom or safety.

Not always though. The guy who’s trying to manifest a car may really need it ( although what he needs may be reliable transformation, as opposed to a specific SUV).

They say that when you’re climbing the ladder of success, it’s important to be sure that your ladder is leaning against the right wall. In manifestation, lean that ladder to the proper side, and watch this kind of obstacle melt away…

We’ll be looking at other blocks on the road ahead…






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