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In my last post, I was talking about questioning the concept that good luck is rare and hard to come by…

How, if we chose to believe that good luck was easy and accessible instead, we might find that our beliefs shaped our reality (as they so often do) and that good fortune became our frequent visitor (or even move onto the sofa bed we keep for guests….)

Got a great comment on this from Gina, one of you folks that come by to visit. (Check it out if you like. I find it rather interesting…)

She talked about the beliefs she carries from her childhood and wonders if the childhood superstitions we hold onto give our unconscious/intuitive side a way to send our conscious sides a signal of good things on the way.

For instance, if you believe “See a penny. Pick it up, and all the day you’ll have good luck.” , might your more metaphysical side start putting pennies in your path as a sign to expect the positive experiences looming immediately ahead?…


Now that has my mind going all kinds of fascinating directions.

I’ve seen people manifest serious health problems to escape from intolerable situations. I’ve¬†heard of ¬†folks who repeatedly win the lottery. I’ve sat with folks that could tell you the names of folks they’ve never met, see the past or future, or manifest transportation, lodgings or assistance out of nowhere.

After that, the idea that your Higher Self might create a penny or make your palm itch to cue you in to start looking for the next good thing seems quite a reasonable concept to me.

Years ago, in classic type seances, the participants would start by saying “Show me yes.” “Show me no.” The informative spirit would indicate a number of knocks or rockings of the table for each answer. And a code for communication would be established.

And one possibility is that these old beliefs can serve in the same way, as codes to let us know what’s coming.

I do believe that it’s useful to chose beliefs that support our joy, peace, health, prosperity and personal growth. I think that adding more beliefs that serve us can help us shape reality around us.

But it’s also useful to know that the beliefs we already have can be useful in helping us contact our inner wisdom.

That rocks!

Catch you next time






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When I was a little girl, we used to count white horses for good luck….

White horses were relatively uncommon. Whenever you saw a white horse, you said “Lucky, lucky white horse – ding! ding! ding!” as you tapped the palm of one hand three times with the thumb of the other, counting that horse.

When you got 100 horses, you were entitled to a wish!

And then you started counting again…

Basic folk magick at its’ best…..

But, what if it’s based on a flawed theory?

The theory that good luck and good fortune are rare, unusual and hard to tap into?….

What if, instead, good luck was plentiful and all around us, like the air ?

What if luck were something that we were naturally always in touch with, like the ground beneath our feet?

What if wishing were as easy and effective as breathing or dreaming or burping?…

Now these are not the beliefs that most of us have about good luck….

But, since we know that the beliefs we hold tend to shape the nature of reality around us, isn’t the belief that good luck is easy to access and happens often worth considering?

And, since we have Free Will, shouldn’t we chose the beliefs that are most likely to help us be healthy, prosperous, wise and happy?

Think about it…

What do you often see that might become a symbol of good luck on the way?….






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