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“In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision.” Burning candle

Dalai Lama





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     In my last post, I talked about what scrying is and the different kinds of tools, such crystal balls, mirrors and water (and even turned off computer screens…), that you could use for scrying.

     Now that we’ve laid the ground work, let’s prepare to scry.

     First, find a place and time where you’re as free from distractions as you can be. Lock the door, turn off the phone, shut down noisy appliances and send your family or friends to the movies. Either quiet or some kind of white noise, such as quiet background music may be helpful.

     Make yourself as comfortable as possible, not only in body, but also in mind or spirit. To do well at any kind of reading, you need to be able to focus, be present and pay attention to any input you get. This is difficult if you’re planning next week’s schedule or stressing over your friend’s romantic woes, so do your best to put other things aside for now so you can truly be present while you scry. You can always go back to these things (if you wish) after you finish.

     Take a deep breath and relax. Get ready to scry…

Coming up – basic procedures for scrying.




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