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One of the things about being an indie author is that writing alone is not enough. There’s a whole bunch of other skills you have to learn to make it all come together, whether you have a natural aptitude for them or not.

You need to learn how to set up a website. About publicizing your work. About taxes and tech and ships and seas and sealing wax.

And so, I’m on my next learning experience. I’m learning how to turn my books into ebooks so I can publish them on Amazon.

As of today, I’ve been working at this for about two weeks now. My good friend Morgan Daimler walked me through the basic process, but I’ve come to find out that the Kindle machinery seems to have a very delicate digestion and there seem to be a multitude of tiny formatting issues in my manuscript that  scatter words all over the place (even though this is the same manuscript that came smoothly through the Lulu machinery. Who would’a guessed?)

Any way, the first book I’m adapting in Manifesting Something Better, and bit by bit, step by step, I’m finding ways to ease my book  into the Amazon system.

The journey of a million miles begins with a single step- or in this case, a series of baby steps. Watch this space for the announcement of when the ebook version of Manifesting Something Better is a go






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