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On Sunday, we talked about the power of “Yes”. About saying “Ooooo! Aaaah! YES!” (…Thank you, Daniel Greenwolf…) to the things that that support you in living your Life Mission, and being extraordinary.

But part of the power of “Yes” is also knowing the power of “No”. Knowing when you need to say “No” in order to live your dream

  • “No” to fear- fear of failure or fear of sucess;
  • “No” to people who belittle or drain you;
  • “No”” to beliefs that bind you or make you less than you are;
  • “No” to living your life in a rut;
  • “No” to busywork, that distracts you from the activities that fuel your dreams;

Once you know your Life Mission, it’s a good choice to use it as a guide for the best way to spend your time, your energy and your resources. If you’re a painter, to paint. If you’re a healer, to heal. If you’re an inventor, to invent.

And saying yes to the things that support your dreams also means sometimes saying no to some of the things that don’t.

I’m not saying that everything you do needs to be about your life mission. There’s room in your life for T.V. and pizza, as well as for doing extraordinary things. But, long term, you’ll find yourself more happy and pleased with your life if you’ve focused more on living your mission than on random activities.

Saying “yes” to the things that complete you, and “no” to the things that just take up time.

One of the mantras I’ve been working for years is “I can do anything I want. I just can’t do everything  I want….”

 And chosing the things that sing to me, make my life better.

So I wish you the power of  “yes” and the power of  “no” and the wisdom to know which to use when….






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