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     Enjoying the posts on this blog?

     Wish you could get longer, more detailed articles on practical metaphysical living by the psychics of Foresight?

     Well, you’re in luck! You can find longer articles by Starwolf and myself in the pages of Thorn Magazine, the magazine for Paganism in the Silicon Age.

    In the current edition, you’ll find my article on how to have a great vacation… on a budget… with a pagan twist.

     Want to check out past editions?

     Issue 1 has an article by Starwolf on Wyrd Science and one by me on the practical benefits of an active, positive spiritual practice.

     Issue 2 has my detailed article on smudging with sound.

     And all three issues have lots of other interesting articles from other writers with different viewpoints as well.

     Sound like something you could use?

     Check out the site for Thorn magazine. There are free articles available on the site, as well  as access to purchase any or all of the first three issues, and the upcoming fourth.

     Thorn magazine can be found at http://thorn-magazine.com.

     Catch you there!





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