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It’s the holiday shopping season. And we run around looking for “just the right present”.


Well, on beyond bolstering the economy, a meaningful present can express the affection and respect you have for that person, and honor the relationship between you.

At that point, the most “right” present doesn’t depend on price tag or latest trends, or what all of the other kids are getting.

It’s something that speaks of the person themselves, and who they really are. Or speaks of the connection you have between you. Or both.

Just had a curious  idea…

Why not put yourself on your own list? Give yourself  a present to express affection and respect for yourself, and to honor being your own best friend.

So many of us spend so much time looking after others that we starve our own inner spirits.

So give yourself that scented shampoo that makes you feel happy when you use it. Or those art supplies that somehow don’t seem important enough to make the budget (eat ramen and buy paint!) Or the gift of time, to actually do what calls to you. Or permission to try and fail(which is an essential part of trying and succeeding…)

Put yourself on your own list.

And give yourself a bit of what you need to be extraordinary, follow your dreams and be happy….

Happy shopping






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