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Was rambling around on the internet and ran across some references to The Maharishi Effect, which claims that having a certain percentage of the population in an area practicing specific  techniques in Transcendental Meditation has shown a correlation with such factors as

  • decreased crime
  • decreased unemployment
  • decreased terrorism
  • improved East West relations

and other good things like that.

Well. That is interesting.

I knew that meditation was good for your personal health, but I hadn’t thought about how it might affect the health of the world around you.

That’s kinda cool. I can see how that might work.

Now, there are studies that support this theory. It’s worth taking them with a grain of salt, since the studies were mainly done by people enthusiastic about TM- so I’ll invite you to look the info over and make up your mind for yourself

The Maharishi Effect

A Methodological Review of Maharishi Effect Research

Either way, it is interesting though.






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