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For many years now, I’ve dabbled in tarot off and on. I have a worn and beloved Rider Waite deck that I’ve thrown cards for myself from when I needed insight, a different viewpoint, additional information- but when it came to tarot, I was an enthusiastic amateur. I knew how to do a lay out, but I always had to look the cards up in the cute little dogeared  book that came with my deck originally.

When it came to doing readings, Starwolf was Tarot Man. I was Palmistry Woman. And that was ok.

I had a vague idea that somewhere along the line here I was going to learn how to do tarot at a professional level. Someday. I even got the Q &E version of the Rider Waite and started several times to learn the meanings of the cards, but never got very far on this.

And then, Changing Times, Changing Worlds 2014 came around

Last year, I’d had the pleasure of attending a class on Tarot (Seventy Eight of Your Closest Friends: Incorporating the Tarot in Everyday Life) by Sha Blackburn, the Loonwitch. An excellent class and one that got me thinking about moving forwards with getting better at tarot.

This year, I was able to catch two more of her excellent classes, Understanding Tarot Spreads and Creating Your Own Tarot Spread, and I discovered something kinda interesting.

I had thought that I was an amateur at tarot and had to look things up to do a reading, but as the class went along, when Sha would call out a card, at least half of the time I knew what it was saying off the top of my head and most of the time I could tell the story that it was telling together with its fellows.

Now a good deal of that is no doubt due to sitting next to Starwolf and hearing his interpretations of the various cards, but it also seemed that I had more of a feel for this than I had realized I had.

Indeed, at one point, I said “I can see that I am going to have to follow up on this more” and the teacher said “I don’t know why you haven’t already…”

Good question.

And one from a teacher and reader whose opinion I respect.

So, in the months to come, learning to be better at the Tarot is moving up my list and I look forwards to seeing where this new adventure will take me.

Wishing you well on your adventures






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