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In The Foolishness of the Wise, we talked about the astounding phenomena where we have knowledge and skills and talents, and we still neglect to use them.

How we shoot ourselves in the foot.

Where we know what to do and still do not do it…

In short, how we sabotage ourselves.

Well, that’s no fun! And don’t we feel foolish when we come through the chaos,only to realize that we had the tools to make it simple/easy/fun/ but somehow didn’t think to use them?…

I hate it when that happens ;-)….

So how do we get past that?

Well, if you’ve got a deep-seated need for self sabotage, you’ll need to start working on your own interior landscape, which is a whole bunch of different articles.

If, on the other hand, you’re just losing track of your ability to use your own amazing powers upon your personal behalf, I’ve got a couple of suggestions for you.

(Three, to be exact. Because three is a magic number…)

1) Build a better life routine –

 One way of incorporating better living skills on a regular basis in your life is to build a habit. (Hey, it worked for toothbrushing, no?)

So set a good intention for the day  before you climb out of bed…

Send yourself a little Reiki while you’re taking a shower…

Set your alarm watch to remind you to visualize for a minute or two several times a day….

Make manifesting a better life a regular habit!

2) Surround yourself with magickal environmental cues –

If  the world around you is filled with reminders to do the things that give you health,  joy and peace, you’re more likely to do them.

So make a “Reiki?” label to attach to the first aid kit….

Frame a saying that makes you feel joyous and powerful, and hang it where you see it first thing in the morning…

Tape an index card with the word “Breath” to your dashboard to remind you to take a quick relaxation break before you start driving…

3) Enlist your best supporters to remind you how powerful you are –

Not every one of your friends and family will be good at this.

Some will actually work against you, whether from mistaken beliefs, jealousy, or fear that you’re deceiving yourself; but most of us can identify at least one person that we can trust to tell us when we’re on the wrong track and remind us that we do have the power to deal with things, whether it be using healing energy on an illness, manifesting a better day,  or seeing clearly the reality of what is currently happening.

Get those people on your team….

 Ask them to remind you when you have the skills but forget to use them…

And commit to listen to them….

There you go. Three ways to get your mojo working.

Now, what kind of day are you going to manifest tomorrow?






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Now, I’m not claiming to be particularly wise.

Practical, mostly…

Fairly well-informed, probably….

But wise is something that I’m still working on here.

(It’s good to have goals.)

And looking both at folks far wiser than I am yet and at myself, one of the biggest pitfalls I find is this –

We know what to do and yet we do not do it!

We have the power to heal ourselves in body, mind and spirit…

Make our days go smoothly…..

Manifest abundance, joy and serendipity…

And still we do not do it!

Now what’s up with that?

I call it “the foolishness of the Wise”. It’s that phenomenon where you have all the knowledge you need to succeed, but can’t or won’t or just forget to use it on your own behalf. Where you know better, but still you mess up, over things that you could easily overcome.

The fact that even the Wise are not proof against their own folly….

And you know what? This seems to be a very human condition, one that stretches across all types of folks.

A Universal Foolishness….

So what do we do about this? How can we stop shooting ourselves in the foot? Running ourselves through the same wringer? Making the same mistakes when we have the tools to transcend?

What do you think?

One way is on the way…






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