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So if God/Goddess/Spirit is Infinite, and too powerful to be labelled or confined by categories such as gender

And if that Infinite Spirit finds different ways to reach out to us,

What if people following different religions are actually just following the same loving Spirit along different paths?…

Worth thinking about.

I don’t believe that everyone is worshipping the identical Spirit.

But, when I find someone of a different faith who does their best to live by the same characteristics, such as compassion, honor and charity, that my God wants me to follow, I feel that we may be in the service of the same Spirit, even though our religious practices are different.

And, when I encounter someone who says they follow the same faith that I do, but makes bigotry, greed, intolerance and other such things part of their life plan, I know that, though they claim to be Christians, they’re certainly not following Christ.

By their works, you will know them…

And, by that standard, sometimes I feel closer to certain people on a path of paganism, than I do to certain folks who claim to be followers of Christ.

Are religious traditions and practices important? Yes.

But I’d say that the most important thing is the Spirit that you carry in your heart…






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In my last post, I started by talking about my own spiritual path as a metaphysical Christian and acknowledging that it is not the right path for everyone.

 For instance, I see God as male, because I was raised that way. I’m good with that and I don’t feel less or imperfect because I see him as male, and I’m female.

But that’s not necessarily true for everyone. The person who’s had bad experiences with men, or with fathers, or the woman who feels closer to a Deity of her own gender is not necessarily going to have their best spiritual experience on the path that I am on.

I also believe that “male” or “female” are fairly arbitrary labels when it comes to God. I believe that God is too big to be crammed into a little pigeonhole like “male” or “female”, and that images such as that are only ways for me to fit the concept of an infinite Being into my finite mind.

There’s a story about six blind men and an elephant.

The first man touches the elephant’s trunk and says “An elephant is like a snake.”

The second man touches the elephant’s leg and says “An elephant is like a tree.”

The third man touches the elephant’s side and says “An elephant is like a wall.”

The fourth man touches the elephant’s tail and says “An elephant is like a rope.”

The fifth man touches the elephant’s tusk and says “An elephant is like a spear.”

And the last man touches the elephant’s forehead and says “An elephant is like a boulder.”

And they were all right, as far as they could tell.

I believe that many of us are like the blind men and the elephant. We connect with God and our perception is real and true, but we are only able to perceive part of that infinite Being.

And that’s why there are many spiritual paths, each legitimate in its own fashion as long as it is a good match for the person who is living it.

The good thing is that God reaches out to folks in different ways. Since God is Infinite, and not limited by considerations such as gender, He can and does reach out to meet each person where they need Him, whether as God, Goddess, Spirit, or with other Faces.

That’s why there are Christians and Jews and Buddhists and Muslims and pagans and heathens and a myriad of other paths out there.

Because Spirit is there for those who need it….

More coming…






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