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     In the posts on scrying, I touched briefly on the concept of intention. Let’s go into that in more detail.

     “Intention”  is a core concept for most metaphysical practices, whether meditation, energywork, focused prayer, visualization, spellcraft or any of half a hundred other variations on this theme.  At it’s simplest, intention is setting a goal or objective that will be affected by the energy you are shaping with your practice.

     An intention is like a roadmap that helps you get to where you’re going, rather than driving around in circles for hours.

      For instance…

     All visualizations consist of  images perceived in the mind’s eye. You can visualize for many different reasons- to relax, to drop your blood pressure, to improve your personal skills, to help with manifesting things in your life, and so forth. Any of those reasons could be chosen as an intention.

     If before you start visualizing, you chose an objective and set your intent for the visualization, some pretty interesting things can happen…

  • Your intent may affect the kind of visualization you do.
  • Your intent can improve the effectiveness of the visualization.
  • Your intent can focus the unconscious mind on achieving the goal you’ve intended.
  • Because much of the psychic ability, magickal ability and the mind-body connection live in the unconscious, your intent can generate metaphysical energy to make your intention real.
  • By setting an intention, you’re focusing on it and not other things. Because like calls to like, that focus can increase the power attracting what you’re focusing on (and other things with similar attributes) into your life.
  • Setting an intention also helps with the focus needed to attain meditative or altered states naturally. Brainwave states such as Alpha and AlphaDelta( also known as trance state) are helpful or essential for working with energy.

     And that’s only a few of the things that an intention can do for you…

     Without an intention, you may have a pleasant visualization, but not accomplish anything concrete or of lasting value.

     How can you work with intentions?  There’s more information on the way in my upcoming posts…

Catherine Kane



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