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The next holiday is Candlemass :
  It is celebrated on Feb 2.
It symbolises the “return of the Light” . The period of daylight  (which has been growing since the Solstice is now of a notable length.
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Next, the Wheel of the Year :
1: Yule, on or about the 21st of Dec – The Winter Solstice
2: Candlemas, Feb 2nd
3 : Ostarra, on or about Mar. 21st – Spring Equinox
4: Beltaine, May 1st
5: Midsummer, on or about June 2nd – Summer Solstice
6: Lughsana, Aug 2nd
7: First day of Fall , on or about Sept 21st – Fall Equinox
8: Samhain, Oct 31st.

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Yesterday(12/21) was the winter solstice. For those of us not up on such things, the winter solstice is the shortest day of the year, and has a great amount of spiritual significance in many cultures around the world.

That’s very important; but I thought I’d look at this from a slightly different standpoint (and that’s not surprising to folks who’ve read my writings before, is it?.. 😉 )

The winter solstice means that, from now on, the days will be getting longer again. It means that there will be more light in our lives.

More light? Now that’s interesting…

It’s not just literal light, although it’s that, too (and won’t I be glad of it? It’s been real dark around here lately…) It’s also a promise of spiritual light, of better things coming into our lives once more.

And there’s the challenge…

Many times, when life is full of bumps and bruises and containers of leftovers discovered too late in the back of the fridge, we can gradually lose track of the light. Our beliefs can slide from wonder to ennui to “tattle-tale gray” and further down until we expect the worst and fail to see the wonder all around us.

We lose the Light…

And, not only is that mindset an unhappy place to live in, but also, by continually focusing on the darkness, we tend to draw more of it to us.

Which is not what most of us want.

The gift of Solstice is the return of the Light. But you can’t see it if you keep them darn beige drapes drawn….

So, in the midst of the busyness, I’d urge you to stop, take a breath, and make room for the Light in your life. Whether it be the meditative light of a candle; the raucous and joyous explosion of a house with extravagant decorations; or the cool, clear light of a star; welcoming the Light is an open door for better things coming…

The Light is coming. Are you ready for it?

Best wishes for Love and Light and Prosperity for you and yours.






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