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You clear the energy of tools when they’re new, to be sure that they haven’t picked up other energy that  you don’t want and that could affect what you’re doing with them. You clear the energy of tools when you’ve had them for awhile, because even if you’re the only one using them, they may still pick up energy you don’t want them to carry.

You clear the energy of your tools when your inner wisdom tells you it’s time to clear them.

And, before we get into the various ways that you can clear the energy of tools,  lets start out with a step that you will use with just about every method of clearing your tools.

Let’s start with setting an intention.teal aura eyes C

As I’ve said before, setting an intention  just a fancy-schmancy way of setting a goal for what your energywork (be it spell, visualization, prayer or energy manipulation) is going to do. In this case, the intention will be something like “It is my intention that the ________ will clear any unwanted energy out of this tool, leaving it in perfect condition for me to work with.”

(Please note- those words are not exact and you may substitute a way of saying that that you feel comfortable with. The example is just to give you a template to work with.)

How do you set that intention? You can:

  • Think it.
  • Say it.
  • Chant it
  • Sing it.
  • Write it (once or as many times as seems right to you. Three is a magick number, for instance)
  • Put it out to the Universe in any other way that seems right to you.

And focus on your intention as you go ahead and do your clearing process- because energy flows where your attention goes.

Easy- peasy…

And now, we’re ready to go on to ways to clear your tools of unwanted energy…






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“Mantras you shouldn’t say:

I don’t know;

I’m not ready;

I can’t do it. ”

Jennifer Loudon





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Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.
Albert Einstein

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Was reading a few blogs the other day, and ran across one where the blogger was talking about the movie “Inception” and the nature of dreams. He noted that, at one point, during a gun battle, DiCaprio’s gun isn’t having the desired impact.  In response, his colleague tells him to use a little imagination, and as an example, he pulls out…a somewhat bigger gun. 

The blogger felt that was anticlimactic , because,with a dream, you could make almost anything happen.

Fair enough, that.

But it got me thinking….

What could you do if your mind didn’t tell you that it wasn’t possible?

I’d say that the bigger gun mentally worked for the agent in the movie because it was within his context of what  was actually possible. In dreams, you could do anything but, for many people, something that was too far out of their mental construct of possible would trigger mental resistance and block the whole arrangement

So he could accept a bigger gun, and there it was…

We see the same thing in the energywork of manifestation. Theoretically, anything is equally possible, and it’s as easy to manifest a diamond as a parking space, but most folks have mental limits that see the parking space as easy and the diamond as difficult.

And so they block the bigger item from coming into their lives.

This is why you see a lot of people who use the Law of Attraction to get good parking spaces, but very few lottery wins.

In the movie “the Matrix”,

  • The average mind accepts “reasonable” limits.
  •  The rebels are standouts because they accept as possible skills that reach the extraordinary end of normal human possibility.
  • The “Smiths” are deadly because they go beyond the limits of “normal” human possibility, but still follow natural limits.
  •  Neo is extraordinary, because, for him there are no limits…

And so, Neo can fly……

Food for thought.

What are your limits?

And, could you fly?….






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“Worrying is using your imagination to create something you didn’t want.”

Abraham (9/5/98)





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“What great thing would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?…”

Robert Schuller




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Another way of setting resolutions that work for you is working backwards.

So, send the family to the movies, take the phone off the hook, put on some soothing background music, set yourself in a comfortable chair with your arms and legs uncrossed and comfortably positioned, close your eyes and reach out….

Who do you want to be in a year?

What do you want to learn or achieve?

What parts of your life could use some improvement?

If you could not fail, what would you do?

Just let your spirit relax,and dream…..

And when you’ve dreamed awhile, open your eyes and take some notes.

When  doing this, it’s important not to fall into the trap of chosing things that you’re “supposed to want”;

Those may not be your things.

It’s also important to let yourself be free to dream, as opposed to “being sensible about things”:

While you may have sensible dreams, many times “being realistic” is how we kill our ability to do great things;

So write down the what – you can look at “how” you’re ging to get there later on; but you need the brainstorming/ connecting with your dreams part to be unlimiting.

Many of the most amazing things in the world started because people explored amazing dreams rather than “being reasonable”.

So who would you like to be?….






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