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Like to have your day go smoother, things go easier, things come together?

Then, have you considered setting an intention?

An intention is just a “fancy-schmancy” way of energetically setting a goal, and then attracting that reality to you.

What’s a simple way to do this? When you first awake in the morning, before you jump out of bed and get going on your day, say something like “I am setting an intention that :

  • everything I do today happens easily and joyously” or
  • today is a day of wonderful surprises” or
  •  today everything I need to accomplish what I want to do comes easily to hand;

or something to that effect.

You don’t have to use these exact words. It’s important to use the words “intend” or “intention” but otherwise you’re free to use whatever words speak to you. You can say these words in your head or out loud, dependant on if you have company and if that company would be disturbed by this.

You just need to state your intention and feel positive about it for a moment. If that’s too much, even feeling like it’s possible that this might have an effect can work.

Just say your words

Then stand back and watch what happens…






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     So far, we’ve talked about intention as part of metaphysical practices such as prayer, spellcraft or energywork. Did you know you can also combine intention with everyday tasks -and that, by doing so, you can turn those chores into energywork as well?

     For instance, doing the dishes can just be part of kitchen maintenance. On the other hand, if you first set an intention that, as you wash those dishes you’ll also be clearing away dysfunctional beliefs, you may find yourself surprised at how much more clearly you’re seeing your current challenges by the time the last dish hits the drainer.

     Cleaning out a closet is a necessary evil. Setting an intention that, as you purge old clothes that no longer fit, you also make room for better things in your life can really open the way for attracting those better things.

     Just as setting an intention in metaphysical work helps to draw, shape and target energy to achieve a goal, combining a mundane task with a greater intention can also channel energy towards better things. It’s kind of multi-tasking on multiple planes.

     “After enlightenment, the laundry..” is one of my favorite sayings. It bears witness to the fact that, even if  we’re working with energy and enlightenment, we still need to ground that work to earth – earth and heaven coming together. It’s also fun to flip that concept on it’s head and link that earthly task with more esoteric energy…

     So what are your intentions for the day?…





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