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By day, a renaissance faire; by night…..some…. thing….¬†different….

It’s the final weekend of this fall’s Connecticut Renaissance Faire, and they’re pulling out all of the stops to make this one the best yet.

By day, it’s got all of the brilliant entertainment, colorful adventure, one-of-a-kind shopping and turkey legs that any fan of the renaissance could want.

It’s Bring Your Pet to Faire weekend. There’s safe trick or treat on Saturday 4-6. Costume contests for children(Sat) and pets(Sun). And much, much more. (Be sure to check here for details)

It’s even got the psychics of Foresight, ready to do your palm, tarot or I Ching reading in our new pavilion at the corner of the King’s Way and Ironsides St.

And on Saturday evening, Halloween Knights raises its spooky head again- just for the fun of it.

On Saturday, the regular faire runs from 11-6, changing into Halloween Knights from 6-8(at no extra cost to you!). And on the final Sunday, it becomes a reniassance faire once more from 11-6.

The knights are jousting, the zombies are dancing, and the only thing that will make it a better time is you.

We’re all waiting for you.

Come by and see us (…before it’s too late…)






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There’s been three weekends of medieval festivities and now the Connecticut Renaissance Faire enters the haunted time of the year.

It’s a were-faire! By day, the regular renaissance faire that we all know and love, and by night, something….darker….

On the next two Saturdays of CTRF, the faire will be open for two extra hours on Saturday nights (at no extra charge to you, our beloved patrons…).

During these hours, you’ll see

  • Safe Trick or Treat for the little ones;
  • A costume contest where you can show off your best look;


  • Halloween Knight where three unholy terrors compete for the right to escape from Limbo;

Plus all of the wonders traditionally found at Connecticut Renaissance Faire,

Including the psychics of Foresight, of course.

For more information about this very special event, please click here

The veils between the worlds are growing thinner. If you’ve ever wanted to have a reading in the enchanted end of the year, here’s your chance…

We’ll be looking out for you….






PS Find us on Ironside Road, kitty-corner from the Merriment Stage (or under the giant swingset, as they say…)

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