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    And the topic for today is Free Will!

     What is Free Will? It’s the basic concept that God, Goddess, the Universe or whoever/whatever you believe in (because opinions vary) has given you the ability to make choices-good, bad or in between. By making these choices, you have the ability to a certain extent to influence the kind of life you have (as an example, people who make better choices tend to have better lives, although this is not absolute.)

     Some people believe that Free Will means that everything in your life is there because you attracted it to you. I have a more moderate view.

     I believe that many things in our lives are there because we focused on them, whether good things or bad. Like does call to like, both magickally and in the everyday world (ever see how people group by types at parties?). If we give a majority of our time, energy and interest to things that anger or frighten us, we tend to not only draw more of what we’re focused on (that noisy neighbor) but other things that make us feel the same way (a flat tire, beauracracy, crank calls).

     I also believe we can “drift into ” things we don’t like because we’re not focusing on the things we would prefer. When we’re not focusing on anything in particular and just drifting through life, I’ve observed that we seem to be more vulnerable to what I think of as “drive-by Karma” – that “wrong place-wrong time” situation.

      This doesn’t mean I’m advocating a ” blame the victim/if it’s in your life, it’s your fault!…” mentality. Far from it!. I just believe that using our Free Will to make better choices stacks the cards in our favor in the Game of  Life – and I’d rather play that game when the cards are with me…

     So, here’s your chance.

     Make some better choices and have a better life.

     Free Will Rocks!



PS In my next post, we’ll go even further into Free Will.


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