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A few months back, Starwolf and I were camping out at a renaissance  faire.

We had just climbed into bed in our booth when rain began to patter on the roof of the tent.

We looked at each other. Rain might mean no customers the following day,and, on top of that, meant packing up wet gear for a long drive back to Connecticut at the end of the weekend. No fun.

So we started to play a gentle manifestation game called “Wouldn’t it be nice?”…

“Wouldn’t it be nice” I said “if the rain eased off..”

And the rain slowed…

“Wouldn’t it be nice ” said Starwolf  “if the rain turned to a slight drizzle and nothing more…”

And the rain slowed even more….

“Wouldn’t it be nice” I said “if t stopped raining altogether..”

And the rain totally stopped.

In the darkness, Starwolf looked at me. I looked him.

“Wouldn’t it be nice” said Starwolf  “if we won several million dollars in the lottery…”

And it began to rain again..

   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *  *   *     *   *   *   *   *

So what happened there?

Well, in theory, it is no more difficult to manifest a million dollar than a cup of coffee.

In practice, the beliefs we have have an effect on how effective we are at manifestation. If you believe that it’s harder to manifest one thing than another, or that manifestation doesn’t work at all, you create resisitance, which can make it harder to manifest something.

Because we believe that weather can possibly be influenced, a gentle manifestation technique (like “Wouldn’t it be nice?…”) can have an effect on it. Because it’s a bigger leap of faith to manifest a wind fall of that level, we haven’t gotten there yet (and the rain retarted jut to make the point…)

Have you been experimenting with manifestation and not suceeding? Then maybe it’s time to look at your beliefs and the resistance they are creating…

(Want one way to deal with resistance? Check  out “Kaizen and the Dragons of Resistance”)






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In the previous post, I talked about a way to deal with distracting thoughts  or “monkey mind”.

 I talked about  not fighting those thoughts, which triggers resistance and makes them stronger. I talked about acknowledging them instead but telling them “not now…”

But, there’s another way to approach this.

You can let them drift on through….

When a distracting thought comes (and come they will, especially when you’re getting started), acknowledge it.

Say “oh, there’s a thought…”

Then let it drift on through your mind and out the other side. Pay it no mind. Return your attention to your focus.

I like to think of these thoughts as being like fluffy clouds, drifting across the bright blue sky of my mind.

Sounds silly, but works well. and who could ask for more than that?…

And more meditation on the way






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In the last post, we talked about the “monkey mind” – those nagging thoughts that try to distract us from our calm and tranquil meditation, like whiney children tugging at your skirts with dirty hands and runny noses…

Ick. There’s a vivid picture.

So, how do we deal with the monkey mind? How do we get back to that calm, cool meditative state, rather than getting absorbed by thoughts of bills due next week, and what’s on TV, and the political scandal of the month?

You can’t fight those thoughts. If you try and push them away or not think them, you’ll trigger resistance, and they’ll come back bigger and stronger than before.

(Don’t think about a polar bear! )

(Did you think about the polar bear? )

(Well, that’s the kind of thing I mean…)

Instead, if distracting thoughts intrude, we’d do better to acknowledge them and tell them not now.

Stay calm. Don’t beat yourself up for being distracted for a moment. It happens to everyone.

Instead think “I see that I am thinking about Great Aunt Ethel, and I am now returning my thoughts to my breathing.”

And go back to your meditation.

Feeling better? There’s more on the way






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Was reading a few blogs the other day, and ran across one where the blogger was talking about the movie “Inception” and the nature of dreams. He noted that, at one point, during a gun battle, DiCaprio’s gun isn’t having the desired impact.  In response, his colleague tells him to use a little imagination, and as an example, he pulls out…a somewhat bigger gun. 

The blogger felt that was anticlimactic , because,with a dream, you could make almost anything happen.

Fair enough, that.

But it got me thinking….

What could you do if your mind didn’t tell you that it wasn’t possible?

I’d say that the bigger gun mentally worked for the agent in the movie because it was within his context of what  was actually possible. In dreams, you could do anything but, for many people, something that was too far out of their mental construct of possible would trigger mental resistance and block the whole arrangement

So he could accept a bigger gun, and there it was…

We see the same thing in the energywork of manifestation. Theoretically, anything is equally possible, and it’s as easy to manifest a diamond as a parking space, but most folks have mental limits that see the parking space as easy and the diamond as difficult.

And so they block the bigger item from coming into their lives.

This is why you see a lot of people who use the Law of Attraction to get good parking spaces, but very few lottery wins.

In the movie “the Matrix”,

  • The average mind accepts “reasonable” limits.
  •  The rebels are standouts because they accept as possible skills that reach the extraordinary end of normal human possibility.
  • The “Smiths” are deadly because they go beyond the limits of “normal” human possibility, but still follow natural limits.
  •  Neo is extraordinary, because, for him there are no limits…

And so, Neo can fly……

Food for thought.

What are your limits?

And, could you fly?….






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So we want to improve ourselves and our lives –

To grow,

To learn,

To make the world around us better place,

But we find it’s hard to get started – to get off of our posteriors and make things happen.

It’s that darn resistance…..

(Remember? We talked about resistance in a previous post.)

So how do we deal with that? How do we keep resistance from shooting our dreams down in flames?

Well, one way, when faced with the Dragons of Resistance, is just…don’t…wake…the…dragons…up….

Kaizen to the rescue!

What’s Kaizen?

Kaizen is a Japanese business principle which also happens to work wonderfully on personal goals as well.

How’s it work? Well, the basic philosophy is to break your goals down to the largest step that you’re willing and able to start on now…

Why small? Well, the bigger a goal is , the more likely it is to trigger resistance. Smaller goals are more likely to move in under the radar without activating resistance, while still moving you in the direction of your dreams.

Why now? Because if you act when you first have the idea, you have the energy of excitement, which can help you get places. The longer you wait, the more likely resistance is to rear its  ugly head.

And why the biggest step you’ll start on now? Because different people have different thresholds of comfort. If you chose a step that’s big enough to trigger resistance, it can slow down or stop you. If you chose a step that’s smaller than you need, you’re wasting your momentum.

If you set a goal, and you find yourself struggling to get going, that’s a cue that you need to break the goal down smaller.

So, for instance, if your goal is to clean and reorganize your home so you’re comfortable having your friends come and visit (social networks are important and fun, too.), maybe you resolve to start by decluttering your living room.

If you find you somehow can’t get started ( and you know you truly want visitors), you may want to chunk this down and start by clearing 1/4 of the room.

If that doesn’t work, maybe you start by clearing the coffee table…

Sometimes, the goals get down to what seems like absurd levels. Like maybe you stand in the doorway to the room, look in, then withdraw to the kitchen for some coffee…

But the fact is that, in a goal that triggers resistance at such a high level, completing even a tiny step in the right direction can both relax the resistance slightly and  give you a burst of energy to go further.

So then you set another step – the biggest one you will start on immediately without triggering resistance.

Baby steps towards your bliss.

So, what’s your next baby step?…..

More change coming






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We’ve been talking about New Year’s resolutions and about making changes in ourselves to make our lives better.

(By the by, did you realize that you can start a new year and make a resolution to change your life at any time you like? Mind-blowing, that.)

We’d all like to be healthier/wiser/more prosperous/ more successful/ more whatever our heart calls us to –

But, for the majority of us, change is hard.

Remember your high school physics?

A body in movement tends to remain in movement, and a body at rest tends to remain at rest unless acted on by an irresistible force….

And, since most of us don’t have that irresistible force in our area, while we have good intentions, we tend to fall back into our old patterns (many of us around this time in January…)

Going back to the physics analogy, to get our bodies at rest into motion, we need to find a way to overcome resistance…

Resistance that comes

  • from old habits;
  • from temptation;
  • from inertia:
  • from the expectations of others;
  • from fear of change;
  • from fear of failure;
  • from fear of success;

and from any other really good reasons we have lying around the house.

There are always lots of perfectly good reasons to stay in the life style we’ve currently achieved. Unfortunately, if we want to learn, grow, and have the potential of a better life, we have to kick those perfectly good reasons to the curb and find the way to get past the Dragons of Inertia….

So lets look at that…

The adventure continues ahead…






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In the last post, we talked about resistance. About your old unhelpful beliefs fighting back to stay a part of you, as opposed to letting you replace them with more helpful beliefs. You’ve lived by your old beliefs for so long that they’ve become habit. It can take time and effort to climb up out of the rut these beliefs have ground into your unconscious and teach yourself a new way of doing things.

Unfortunately, many times people will listen to the resistance and stop trying to change. They see the grain of truth in the resistance. They lose track of the fact that that resistance may tell you a truth, but only about what has happened up to now. 

And that you can create a new better truth that shapes your life from now on.

Still, fighting resistance can make this change harder and even cause folks to give up on their dreams.

So how do we overcome that?

If  you repeat your affirmations enough, you will eventually knock that  old belief out, but it’ll take hard work:


You can revise the type of affirmations you use.

Remember that I told you that an affirmation is most powerful when it’s in the present tense?(” I exercise everyday.”)

But if you’re affirming something that is a major change for you, resistance may appear.

Instead, you can word your affirmation as an intention. (“It is my intention that  I exercise everyday.”)

On the negative side, affirmation/intentions aren’t quite as powerful as direct affirmations for changing your beliefs.

On the plus side, when you incorporate words like “my intention” or “”I intend” in your affirmation, it is less likely to trigger resistance. Resistance opens one eye, doesn’t see an outright conflict and rolls over and goes back to sleep

And, with repetition, the unhelpful belief gets sandbagged without ever triggering resistance.

The regular affirmation is more powerful. The intention affirmation is less, but also less likely to trigger resistance, so you don’t have to work as hard, although possibly a bit longer.

End call- I’d try a regular affirmation first. If I started getting a lot of resistance, I’d swap to an intention affirmation to work with at first, and, once resistance decreased, I’d go back to the regular  affirmation.

Either way, I’d be altering reality to what I wanted.

Now, this may all sound like psychology with nothing extraordinary attached. The interesting thing though, is that it can be useful in creating situations and things that seem miraculous.

  • Like attracting helpful people.
  •  Activating psychic ability.
  • Manifesting things.

And so on

So do you chose a regular affirmation or an intention affirmation?

I’d say it depends on how loud the “rotten little voice”  of your resistance is.






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We’ve talked about affirmations and how we can use them to clear negative beliefs and replace them with more helpful ones –

But what if those negative beliefs fight back?

You’ve formed a great affirmation-“I always keep my cool.”…

You start to repeat it, to change your programming to something that’ll support a better life…

And, suddenly there’s a little voice in your head, arguing with you!

“I always keep my cool.”

“No you don’t!”

“I always keep my cool.”

“No, you always panic!”

“I always keep my cool.”

“Actually, just the thought of that speech you’ve got coming up makes you break out in a cold sweat…”

What is that ?

Well, that, my friend, is resistance. It’s the voice of a firmly entrenched dysfunctional belief fighting to stay put, rather than giving way to a belief that’ll actually make your life better.

The problem is that it has some truth on its side.

Remember how we talked about how we tend to manifest what we believe in? Well, dysfunctional beliefs are usually based on outdated knowledge, unhelpful things that we’ve learned from our experiences, or on things that other folks have taught us based on unhelpful things they’ve learned from their experiences.

As such, they’re not automatically true, but they have some truth in them because

  • what we look for, we’re gonna find;
  • what we focus on, we tend to attract; and
  • we not only attract more of what we focus on, but more of other things that make us feel that way.

Thus, if you believe the world is full of crazy drivers,

  • we’ll notice crazy drivers more;
  • we’ll attract more crazy drivers; and
  • we’ll attract other things that make us feel like this (perhaps tax audits)…

Well, that’s no fun.

And the truth in those dysfunctional beliefs can keep us stuck repeating them.

But the truth is also that there are other equally valid truths that can make our worlds better.

That if we shift from unhelpful belief to helpful one, once we get past the resistance, the Universe tends to shift to support the new belief.

That we can shape reality with new beliefs, whether better or worse.

And that it’s a better choice to choose better beliefs and a better reality to follow.

I like to remind myself that there’s some limited truth in the resistance, but that it’s only true until now….

Until I chose something better.

If you hang in there and keep repeating those affirmations, sooner or later the old belief gets fed up, pulls up stakes and moves on.

But there’s another way of doing affirmations that bypasses resistance

And that’s next on the agenda






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