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There are a lot of good psychics out there. There are a lot psychics who are accurate and cat sitting lokking at laptopethical and kind and concerned about the people they read for.

And then there are the other kind of readers

Check out How To Spot a Phony Psychic





For more information on Catherine’s books, “Adventures in Palmistry”, “The Practical Empath – Surviving and Thriving as a Psychic Empath”, “Manifesting Something Better”, “The Psychic Power of Your Dreams”, “Magick for Pennies”,    and her urban fantasy “The Lands That Lie Between”, all from Foresight Publications, click here

and for the Kindle version of Manifesting Something Better, click here


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The world is full of energy – flowing, radiating, transforming. When you can tap into that energy and understand its many states, new possibilities open up to you….
On December 18th from 2-4 p.m., I’ll be teaching a class on Energetic Dowsing at Talisman in Monroe , Ct.
Take a break from shopping and decking those halls to come learn to use various tools (including your own body) and techniques for dowsing to understand the energy fields around you;  detect and clear “stuck” energy; find lost items; answer questions; and engage in other interesting and useful activities. This class is for all experience levels.
Sounds like the right class for you? Contact Talisman at 203-261-0047 or www.talismanct.com for more information or to book your place in this class
Give yourself a gift that will make your life better.
Hope to see you there

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The basic idea behind warding is to create a permanent energetic barrier or barriers around the area that you wish to protect.
Step 1: Cleansing.
 It makes no sense to ward an area if all you do is lock the ” yucky stuff-technical term” inside with you. So the first thing you should do is cleanse the space. Use salt & water, smudging with sage, sweet grass or rosemary, or smudging with sound, combined with a physical cleaning.

                                                        Till next time





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Tomorrow is the opening day for Changing Times, Changing Worlds – an ecumenical, esoteric metaphysical extravaganza in Northampton, Ma.

And the psychics of Foresight will be there with bells on!

(Although not literally. There will be a Morris dancing group there and we’ll leave the literal bells up to them :-)….)

Starwolf will be teaching

  • Warding
  • Wyrd Science

He’ll be on panels for

  • Ethical Issues for Pagan Clergy
  • Indigeny, Paganism and Social Change
  • The Role of the Clergy in Paganism
  • Shamans – the Many Faces of Shamanism

I’ll be teaching

  • Clearing and Releasing Negative Programs
  • Dream Interpretation
  • Introduction to Palmistry
  • Manifesting Prosperity
  • Reiki –  It’s Not Just for Healing Anymore
  • A Touch of Accupressure

I’ll be on panels for

  • Heal Thyself (why healers are better at helping others than they are at helping themselves)
  • Money and Metaphysics
  • The Role of the Clergy in Paganism

Plus, I’m going to do my first book signing for “Adventures in Palmistry”.

Now, that’s a lotta good stuff right there….

But that’s only scraping the surface of what this conference has to offer.

124 hours of amazing classes and panels on topics in metaphysics, spirituality, personal growth and alternative healing.

Book signings  by a wide range of authors

Vendors (and who doesn’t love the metaphysical shopping :-)?….)

And some of the most interesting people you’ll ever get the chance to meet.

It’s not too late.

Drop everything (well, not your baby …) and head for Changing Times, Changing Worlds.

It’s going to be an excellent weekend…

And it’ll be even better if you’re there…..






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Hi folks

We’re six days out from the first Changing Times, Changing Worlds convention on November 12- 14 in Northampton, Mass.

And this is a convention that you’re going to want to see….

This is a conference for Wiccans, pagans, metaphysical Christians, Reiki practitioners, alternative health people, energy workers, New Age folk, dowsers and all of us out in the alternative areas of metaphysics, spirituality, energy and health, and those of us who are curious about these things.

So, if you’re finding this blog interesting, you’ll probably enjoy this conference too…

There are going to be classes- 98 hours of classes, on topics such as

  • healing
  • spirituality
  • energywork
  • movement
  • magick
  • manifestation
  • clearing dysfunctional beliefs

and lots, lots more

(Class list here)

There’ll be a wide range of panels of interest in healing, metaphysics and spirituality.

There’ll be vendors and booksignings and lots of interesting people to talk to…

And Foresight will be there.

Will you?

Check it out- you don’t want to miss this…

Changing Times, Changing Worlds….

See you there






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Back at the end of August, I mentioned that I was working on the editing of the manuscript for my first book “Adventures in Palmistry”.

This book is a combination of a 52 chapter course on the system I use for reading palms,  stories from my 40 years in palmistry, and a variety of additional “hand notes” of information about palms not previously released in print. It’s based on my live and on-line classes that make learning to read palms easy and fun.

For those of you who follow these things, I’m tickled to say that the primary editing is complete!(thank goodness!) and the manuscript is off to the printer for their attentions.

I invite you to do the “Thank-Heavens-the-major-editing-process-is-over-and-now-I-can-get-back-to other-things-like-writing” dance with me.

(Cue theme music….)

True enough, I’ve still got the cover copy and layout to complete, but that’s still easier than the 352 page manuscript.

Just wanted to share my happy with you 🙂

See you soon






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Hi there

Doing dream work to tap into your inner wisdom or for manifestation? Here’s another quick tip.

You’re having one of those important dreams…

You know, the one that holds the missing piece of information you need that’s been hiding out in your subconscious or in the Cosm that lies beyond…

You’re just about to see the answer……



Then the alarm rings. The dog jumps on the bed. You get a cramp in your calf.

And the dream slips out of your grasp.

Don’t panic.

Get up, turn off the alarm, visit the facilities and do whatever else needs doing immediately.

Try not to talk or think too much. The more you can stay in that half-awake state, the easier it’ll be to return to the dream.

As soon as you can, return to bed. Many times lying in the same position you woke up in can be helpful.

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath and relax your muscles. Cast your mind to the last bit of the dream that you remember. And set your intent to continue the dream from where you left off…

Most of all, don’t panic. Relax. Don’t force it-let it. The adrenalin of trying too hard is in direct conflict with reaching the dream state.

So let go and let it flow…

If you don’t go back within 15-20 minutes, get up and do something else for a while. Then try again later. This lets your mind sneak up on the dream if it’s playing coy.

And know that you’ll get there.

Want more info on interpreting your dreams and actively working with them? We’ve got a whole series on dream work waiting for you in posts from October to December of 2009.(Check the category “Dreams”)

Sweet dreams






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