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     In metaphysical or spiritual circles, there are many different opinions about the need for metaphysical protection….

  • Do you need metaphysical protection?
  • If so, when do you need it?
  • How much?
  • What kind?
  • How do you protect yourself and those you care for?

     Opinions on the subject vary widely, tending to fall along a range of beliefs about the need for protection.

     Some people believe that “the Universe is a friendly place” and that, as long as you keep your thoughts and energy positive, you will never draw anything negative to you.

     These folks tend towards minimal protective activity, believing that a  positive focus manifests a positive world around them.

     Some people believe that the magickal world is a war-zone, full of negative energies and entitities that’ll as soon do you harm as look at you.

     These folks tend to ward, pray or invoke at every contact with the non-physical world, regardless of degree.

     I tend to fall in the middle somewhere. I see the magickal world as having good neighborhoods and bad, kind of like the material world; and like the material world, the degree of protection needed varies with the neighborhoods I visit and the activities I engage in there.

     For instance:

  • Church with emotionally healthy congregation- not so much protection needed;
  • House where someone has died violently- may need more protective activity.
  • Showing someone how to use accupressure to ease a sinus headache- minimal protection needed.
  • Reading for someone in the process of resolving PSTD ( post-traumatic stress disorder) – more protection needed.

     Protection may not only be needed against evil beings or energetic attacks. Psychic protection can also be useful to prevent being overwhelmed by the energy of people who are in crisis or places that are off-kilter. In such cases, no harm may be intended by those people, but you can battered or thrown by the experience anyway.

     Protective practices can be like wearing a metaphysical hard-hat; helping to keep your head straight and safe  so you can deal with what’s happening.

     How much psychic protection do you need?…

     To a certain extent, your beliefs can shape the world around you and, therefore, what kind and how much protection you need, as well as when you need it. I’d encourage you to learn to listen to your wisdom inside and learn to trust it’s basic impressions on when you need psychic protection(or, for that matter, regular protection) and how much you need.

  • Don’t feel right about that guy in the corner? Have someone walk you to your car.
  • Feel prickly and nervous with no obvious cause? A prayer might be in order.
  • Feel safe using a pendulum to answer questions at a friend’s place? You probably don’t need further protection there.
  • Feel uneasy about reading for someone? You might want to increase your energy shields, pray or contact your guardian spirits. Or you might not want to read at all- this might be the wrong time, the wrong place or the wrong person to read for.

     In future posts, you’ll see a number of ways of protecting yourself from a metaphysical standpoint. Use what speaks to you when you feel you need it. Don’t feel you need to trot out every bell and whistle because your friend does- your needs might be quite different than hers.

     Listen to your inner wisdom. It was put there for a reason…

     More posts on protection in the future.





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     So far, we’ve talked about intention as part of metaphysical practices such as prayer, spellcraft or energywork. Did you know you can also combine intention with everyday tasks -and that, by doing so, you can turn those chores into energywork as well?

     For instance, doing the dishes can just be part of kitchen maintenance. On the other hand, if you first set an intention that, as you wash those dishes you’ll also be clearing away dysfunctional beliefs, you may find yourself surprised at how much more clearly you’re seeing your current challenges by the time the last dish hits the drainer.

     Cleaning out a closet is a necessary evil. Setting an intention that, as you purge old clothes that no longer fit, you also make room for better things in your life can really open the way for attracting those better things.

     Just as setting an intention in metaphysical work helps to draw, shape and target energy to achieve a goal, combining a mundane task with a greater intention can also channel energy towards better things. It’s kind of multi-tasking on multiple planes.

     “After enlightenment, the laundry..” is one of my favorite sayings. It bears witness to the fact that, even if  we’re working with energy and enlightenment, we still need to ground that work to earth – earth and heaven coming together. It’s also fun to flip that concept on it’s head and link that earthly task with more esoteric energy…

     So what are your intentions for the day?…





PS Missed the earlier info on intention? Check out “The Word for the Day is Intention” on June 5 and “Setting an Intention” on June 15

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     In the posts on scrying, I touched briefly on the concept of intention. Let’s go into that in more detail.

     “Intention”  is a core concept for most metaphysical practices, whether meditation, energywork, focused prayer, visualization, spellcraft or any of half a hundred other variations on this theme.  At it’s simplest, intention is setting a goal or objective that will be affected by the energy you are shaping with your practice.

     An intention is like a roadmap that helps you get to where you’re going, rather than driving around in circles for hours.

      For instance…

     All visualizations consist of  images perceived in the mind’s eye. You can visualize for many different reasons- to relax, to drop your blood pressure, to improve your personal skills, to help with manifesting things in your life, and so forth. Any of those reasons could be chosen as an intention.

     If before you start visualizing, you chose an objective and set your intent for the visualization, some pretty interesting things can happen…

  • Your intent may affect the kind of visualization you do.
  • Your intent can improve the effectiveness of the visualization.
  • Your intent can focus the unconscious mind on achieving the goal you’ve intended.
  • Because much of the psychic ability, magickal ability and the mind-body connection live in the unconscious, your intent can generate metaphysical energy to make your intention real.
  • By setting an intention, you’re focusing on it and not other things. Because like calls to like, that focus can increase the power attracting what you’re focusing on (and other things with similar attributes) into your life.
  • Setting an intention also helps with the focus needed to attain meditative or altered states naturally. Brainwave states such as Alpha and AlphaDelta( also known as trance state) are helpful or essential for working with energy.

     And that’s only a few of the things that an intention can do for you…

     Without an intention, you may have a pleasant visualization, but not accomplish anything concrete or of lasting value.

     How can you work with intentions?  There’s more information on the way in my upcoming posts…

Catherine Kane



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