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We’ve talked about intention to overcome resistance. (See ” The Power of Words – Resistance is Futile! “)

We’ve talked about intention to set the tone for your day. ( See ” An Intention Experiment “)

But, did you know that you can set an intention at any time of day or night?

An intention for a bill payment to arrive on time…

An intention to find the perfect birthday gift during your shopping today…

An intention to find the misplaced piece of documentation that you need by the end of the week….

There are lots of ways to use intention to make your life better and more fun.

For instance, one of the things I use intention for is getting good parking spots at the mall.

This weekend, we had a very fullĀ agenda. Indeed, my mind was going six different ways at once, and it was only when we turned down the aisle at the mall that I realized that I hadn’t set a parking spot intention yet.

AsĀ  Starwolf drove, I hastily started to set an intention for a parking spot close to the store we were going to.

And , before I even finished the intention, a car pulled out of the third spot from the entrance…

I looked at Starwolf. He looked at me.

“That’s impressive, even for you” he said as he pulled into the spot.

Now, setting an intention is not an absolute guarantee of success. But it does seem to tilt the odds rather significantly in the direction of what you’re looking for.

As long as you’re being ethical and not interfering with the Free Will of others, you can get some startlingly interesting results. ( For more info on metaphysical ethics, please check out the blog category “Ethics”.)

So, what are you planning on intending today?






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