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You end up in the most interesting conversations on Facebook.

I’m a religious as well as a spiritual person. I have some friends who are atheists. Some of them are content to follow their path and respect my right to follow mine, but others are so excited about their atheism that they feel the need to get in the faces of folks who believe differently from them.

Yes, I know. And I know that, with some of the bigotry that is promoted in the name of religion, it can be hard to differentiate between people whose faith is a weapon for oppression, and people whose faith is a tool for helping people and making this a better world (for instance, the folks who run church soup kitchens to feed the hungry); however overgeneralization on this can cause more damage to the world

So I end up involved in the discussion.

And, on the other hand, found myself in the midst of a discussion on paranormal investigation the other day, where the people involved were fiercely clinging to the idea that you could only study what you could touch and count. They were particularly fiercely attatched to the idea that all belief and subjective experience must be discounted in such studies because they would only invalidate the study.

Yes, I know again. This, despite the fact that, for centuries, in more mainstream fields, ancedotal evidence, belief and subjective reactions have been valid and accepted forms of data in formal studies of our world.

It just struck me today that there’s a common thread here. Both groups are rejecting the things that are more challenging to observe and quantify and control. And that can skew your data as much as including such information does.

I can’t see the wind- but I know it’s presence because I can see what it does. And when the wind blows, saying that it doesn’t count because I can’t see or touch it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t make the branches of trees bend or the hem of my skirt flutter.

I believe in things that I can see and touch – but I also believe in things unseen…

What do you believe in?






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