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This Saturday, 8/27/11, the psychics of Foresight are strutting their stuff at the annual Connecticut Pagan Pride Day  from 10 to 6 at the VFW Hall, at 152 Massirio Dr, in Berlin, Ct. We’ll be there doing readings, teaching classes, answering questions, offering “Adventures in Palmistry” for sale and having a good time

It’s going to be a good time for all concerned

There’ll be classes, including Catherine’s “Introduction to Palmistry” class (For more information on classes, check here ),

There’ll be the “Ask a Pagan” program,and Starwolf will be one of the pagans on tap,

There’ll be entertainment,

There’ll be lots of lovely shopping…

And most of all, there’ll be the chance to learn more about paganism, and meet a lot of fun and interesting people.

And, what could be finer than that?

In lieu of admission to this great event, Connecticut Pagan Pride will be accepting donations of non-perishable food items for the food bank and food and supplies for animals in shelters. So you can do something to make the world better and also have a great time ( How fun-efficient is that?) For lists of what is needed, click here

Want more information about this event? Check out their blog  and their page on Facebook for all of the details you need.

And we hope to see you there at Connecticut Pagan Pride Day






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Two more useful volumes.
“Drawing Down the Moon” by Margo Adler
An overview of Wiccans, Pagans and other non-standard religions, this book has been updated several times in order to remain current.

“The Spiral Dance” by Starhawk.
One of the best books on Wicca available, Starhawk has also updated her work repeatedly.
 Till next time.





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Lets start this discussion of reconciling the differences in the paths of metaphysics, paganism and Christianity with where I’m coming from, so you’ve got a frame of reference here.

 As some of you may know, I’m a metaphysical Christian. Starwolf is a Wiccan, neopagan shaman. And we’ve got friends and associates that cover a range of beliefs from conservative faiths to atheists, agnostics and seekers.

So we get exposed to a pretty wide range of people’s spiritual paths here at Foresight Central.

I’m a Christian, a follower of Christ. I was raised on the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, to see God as the perfect Father, a  loving male presence. I have a strong and caring relationship with God and Jesus that has carried and sustained me through good times and challenging ones. My spiritual path is part of who I am, helping me to do the right things and hold true to what I’m here to do.

I’m fortunate . My spiritual path has worked well for me, and, while it has evolved and grown just as I have, I’d say that this is the spiritual path that will be with me for the rest of my life.

I want to acknowledge however that my path is certainly not the perfect path for everyone.

More on this coming up…






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Tomorrow is the opening day for Changing Times, Changing Worlds – an ecumenical, esoteric metaphysical extravaganza in Northampton, Ma.

And the psychics of Foresight will be there with bells on!

(Although not literally. There will be a Morris dancing group there and we’ll leave the literal bells up to them :-)….)

Starwolf will be teaching

  • Warding
  • Wyrd Science

He’ll be on panels for

  • Ethical Issues for Pagan Clergy
  • Indigeny, Paganism and Social Change
  • The Role of the Clergy in Paganism
  • Shamans – the Many Faces of Shamanism

I’ll be teaching

  • Clearing and Releasing Negative Programs
  • Dream Interpretation
  • Introduction to Palmistry
  • Manifesting Prosperity
  • Reiki –  It’s Not Just for Healing Anymore
  • A Touch of Accupressure

I’ll be on panels for

  • Heal Thyself (why healers are better at helping others than they are at helping themselves)
  • Money and Metaphysics
  • The Role of the Clergy in Paganism

Plus, I’m going to do my first book signing for “Adventures in Palmistry”.

Now, that’s a lotta good stuff right there….

But that’s only scraping the surface of what this conference has to offer.

124 hours of amazing classes and panels on topics in metaphysics, spirituality, personal growth and alternative healing.

Book signings  by a wide range of authors

Vendors (and who doesn’t love the metaphysical shopping :-)?….)

And some of the most interesting people you’ll ever get the chance to meet.

It’s not too late.

Drop everything (well, not your baby …) and head for Changing Times, Changing Worlds.

It’s going to be an excellent weekend…

And it’ll be even better if you’re there…..






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