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It is said that God made man in His own image. Not a perfect copy, but similar.

That would mean that we could learn something about the nature of God from looking at man, no? 

Not from everything about human beings (heaven knows that we’ve got our less than ideal parts), but from that that we instinctively recognize as the best that we have to offer.

Let’s look at how humans act when they’re at their most kind and considerate.

A caring person, when talking to a child, will drop down to the child’s level and use words the child can understand.

A caring person, when talking to someone with more limited education or intellect, will talk at their level without being condescending or making that person fell uncomfortable.

A caring person, when talking to someone from another culture, will be respectful of their culture and find common ground with them.

A caring person meets people where they’re at and finds the way to connect with them at that point.

And I feel that God is like that…

There are a lot of people who have been wounded or rejected by particular religious organizations. But God isn’t limited by organizations or gender or expectations about who He is supposed to be.

And He will find us where we are, and connect with us if we’re willing to do so. Connect with us by whatever common ground He sees us as being able to accept.

Whether that means Spirit seen as male, female, monotheistic, poltheistic, or holy spirit…

I see God as male, because I was raised that way. But, since God is all-powerful, that means that He’s too big to be stuffed in a pigeonhole of male or female, or limited under any such labels.That such labels are only for my convenience to help me fit that infinite Being in my finite little head.

The one thing I am sure of for true is that God is a caring, loving Being; and like that caring human, He will find whatever way is needed to reach each of us who is willing to meet Him, whether through  a Christian, pagan or any other path;

and reach us in a way that will lift us up, not put us down.

Even if we all see Him in a different way…


(Please note: as a Christian seeing God as male, I have used the applicable nouns and pronouns through this post for readability. However, since God is certainly bigger than my concept of Him, those nouns and pronouns are mainly for my and your convenience to make it possible for me to write this and you to read it .)





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If you’ve been here for a bit, you may be aware that we not only post according to what’s speaking to us at the moment, but also take requests for post topics and answer questions posed to us. If you want to know about it, and we know about it, we’ll write about it. Just leave us a comment or drop us a line at we_are_foresight@yahoo.com .

I had a query the other day from a new subscriber who was interested in the question of reconciling the differences between metaphysics, Paganism and Christianity, for those people who embrace mutiple paths.

I’m glad to have this request. I’m glad to write on this topic. But I have to keep in mind that this is a topic that can get a bit  tricky.

Religion can be a very sensitive subject. From what I’ve seen, religion and politics are the two topics most generally likely to create conversational conflict between folks. But religion and spirituality is also a very important  area for most of us

So I’m going to talk religion and spirituality for a bit.

 This is just a headsup for those of you who get queasy or uneasy at the concept. (It’s not everybody’s cuppa tea… nor does it have to be). If you fall into this particular group, feel free to skip these posts and come back for the ones on crystals, self-improvement and where to catch Foresight next…

If, on the other hand, you are one of the people who finds that this is a topic that is interesting or important to you, I’d invite you to walk with me on this question. I’d also invite your comments and opinions on the subject.

Because this is a sensitive subject, I’m going to encourage those of you who comment to choose your words carefully, but we would love to hear where you stand on this  subject.

More comparative religion and metaphysics coming up






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