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Hi folks

We’re six days out from the first Changing Times, Changing Worlds convention on November 12- 14 in Northampton, Mass.

And this is a convention that you’re going to want to see….

This is a conference for Wiccans, pagans, metaphysical Christians, Reiki practitioners, alternative health people, energy workers, New Age folk, dowsers and all of us out in the alternative areas of metaphysics, spirituality, energy and health, and those of us who are curious about these things.

So, if you’re finding this blog interesting, you’ll probably enjoy this conference too…

There are going to be classes- 98 hours of classes, on topics such as

  • healing
  • spirituality
  • energywork
  • movement
  • magick
  • manifestation
  • clearing dysfunctional beliefs

and lots, lots more

(Class list here)

There’ll be a wide range of panels of interest in healing, metaphysics and spirituality.

There’ll be vendors and booksignings and lots of interesting people to talk to…

And Foresight will be there.

Will you?

Check it out- you don’t want to miss this…

Changing Times, Changing Worlds….

See you there






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The summertime’s not over yet, and we’ve still got time.

Time for traveling…

Time for meeting interesting people…

Time for trying new and different things…

And Foresight has another great event for you!

On August 28, at the VFW at 152 Massirio Dr, Berlin, Ct, it’s the 2010 Connecticut Pagan Pride Day!

They’ll have classes  and other events. (Catherine will be teaching “Symbols in Magick”  and an exercise in collaborative storytelling  in regards to the Oral tradition).

There’ll be lots of fine vendors ( including the psychics of Foresight).

And instead of admission, they’re asking for donations of:

  • non-perishable food for the local food bank;
  • blankets, towels, pet food or toys for the Connecticut Humane Society;
  • new or gently used pagan items for soldiers stationed overseas (no candles or items with open flames, please);

So this is another chance to make the world better, learn interesting things, meet new people and have fun all at the same time and place. And how enlightened is that?

If you want more information, please check out www.facebook.com/pages/Connecticut-Pagan-Pride/110582388967451?ref=ts

And come see us at Connecticut Pagan Pride day






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It’s summertime; a time for traveling to different places, meeting interesting people and trying new things –

And have I got a great event for you!

On Sunday, August 22, the psychics of Foresight will be doing readings from 10-6 at Rhode Island Pagan Pride Day at the Johnston War Memorial Park, 1583 Hartford Ave., Route 6, in Johnston, R.I.

This is going to be a great event, folks.

It has workshops and other events. It has live performances. It has great shopping.

And it has psychics. Including us 😉 . (We’ll be located in the psychic’s hut. How picturesque!) 

It also has a non-perishable food drive for the Rhode Island Food bank and a blood drive from 10-3. So you can make the world a better place and also have a great time in one stop.

Which is terribly convenient, no?

This is an amazing amount of good times , good things  and good people all gathered in one place. It could be a wonderful addition to your special summer.

We hope to see you at Rhode Island Pagan Pride Day.






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     Enjoying the posts on this blog?

     Wish you could get longer, more detailed articles on practical metaphysical living by the psychics of Foresight?

     Well, you’re in luck! You can find longer articles by Starwolf and myself in the pages of Thorn Magazine, the magazine for Paganism in the Silicon Age.

    In the current edition, you’ll find my article on how to have a great vacation… on a budget… with a pagan twist.

     Want to check out past editions?

     Issue 1 has an article by Starwolf on Wyrd Science and one by me on the practical benefits of an active, positive spiritual practice.

     Issue 2 has my detailed article on smudging with sound.

     And all three issues have lots of other interesting articles from other writers with different viewpoints as well.

     Sound like something you could use?

     Check out the site for Thorn magazine. There are free articles available on the site, as well  as access to purchase any or all of the first three issues, and the upcoming fourth.

     Thorn magazine can be found at http://thorn-magazine.com.

     Catch you there!





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