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We’ve been talking about the phenemenom of obstacles popping up on the path to your dreams.

Sometimes this happens because we’re heading for the right Dream, but we’re taking the wrong route….

As we discussed a ways back, if you want to get some where, first you need to know where you’re going (or you could end up any where…). When climbing the ladder of success, you need to be sure that you’ve leaned your ladder against the right wall.

Once you’ve gotten clear on that, one of the other major stumbling blocks most of us run into is to think that our dreams will come to us in one specific way, and that way only.

Dream – marriage. Wrong route – just like my parents had.

Dream – professional success. Wrong route – through a field that most people think of as sucessful

Dream – serving the Universe. Wrong route – working with people in poverty overseas.

(By the by, when I’m listing these things as “wrong route”, it doesn’t mean that this may be the wrong route for you. It may be your perfect route. These are just common examples of how you can be heading the right direction, but get sidetracked by an expected route off of the way that you are supposed to reach your dream…)

Some times we get so set on reaching our dream by a particular method, that we lose track of the fact that there’s another (or several other) ways to get there that would be easier, quicker, more pleasurable.

It’s like if there’s a big traffic jam on the highway,

You can get on and sit there listening to the radio and going nowhere for a couple of hours…

Or you can take an alternate route and be there in 15 minutes….

Feel like you’re banging your head against the wall in trying to reach your dream?

Then it might be good to stop, step back, and take a good look at whether you’ve gotten so attatched to getting your dream in a particular way that you’ve closed off the avenues to better options…

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In my last post, we talked about obstacles in the path of manifesting the things and people and circumstances we want. How sometimes these obstacles are indicators that we are on the wrong path, but sometimes they are challenges sent to test our commitment to our Dream or give us the strength and skills we need to live the Dream….

But how do we tell if these are challenges or signs that we’re on the wrong track?

There’s a number of ways to approach this.

You can voice your manifestation request in a way that precludes things that will not really make you happy ( for instance, I always add “”this or something better for the highest good of all concerned ” to any manifestation request I make. This ensures that if I’m asking for something that, in retrospect, I ‘d regret, the Universe subtitutes something more in keeping with my joy/peace/prosperity).

You can take step backwards and look at if what you’re asking for is what you really want….

You can listen to your body for what it’s telling you ( I find that challenges make me feel frustrated but resolute, while wrong paths make me feel exhausted).

You can use a divination method, such as dowsing with a pendulum, to access your own inner wisdom.

There’s lots of ways to sort this out.

The important thing is, if you start running into a lot of obstacles (as opposed to tasks that are part of the process) to stop and look to see if you’re on the right path.

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