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The month of January was named for the Roman god,  Janus, the god of beginnings, transitions, endings, passages and doors.  He is pictured with two faces, looking forwards towards where he’s going and backwards to where he’s been.

As we stand on the eve of the New Year, looking forwards into January of 2014, we’d do well to follow Janus’ example.

Look back into 2013. What brought you joy? What didn’t work so well? What did you accomplish and what is yet to be done in your life?

Now look forwards into 2014. What do you want to do in this shiny new year? Where will your dreams and your life mission take you, and what are the first steps to take to move in the direction of those dreams?

Look forwards, look backwards, like Janus. Choose what your year will be

and then, have a happy, happy New Year

Peace and Prosperity to us all






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There are many good things that have happened in the past year; but for many people, 2011 has been challenging. And, delightful or challenging, this year is winding its way to an end.

Whether your year has been a good one or fraught with “learning experiences”, we could all use an even better one next year in 2012. For that reason, as the holidays make their way to a close, I’d like to invite you to join me in doing a little energy work with a thought towards prosperity, health and joy in the coming year.

A goodly number of us spend at least part of the week picking up after the holidays or in preparation for the New Year. There’s fridges to clean out, wrapping paper and boxes to discard, gifts to find homes for, decorations to stow away.  And as you clean, or straighten, or declutter, you can make your efforts do double duty.

Set an intention as you bring your home back into balance. As you discard things you don’t need anymore, intend that you are letting go of the thoughts, beliefs, and outmoded energy that no longer serves you, to make room for better beliefs and energy. As you find a home for gifts, intend a blessing that flows between you and the giver, blessing you both. As you clean, intend that making your house more welcoming welcomes new blessings into your life.

(For those of you who are unfamiliar with the concept of setting an intention, an intention is just a goal used to focus the energy in an activity to manifest a change in the world by non-ordinary means. More details can be found in other posts on this blog. …)

And, as you set your intentions, know that you are changing your energetic vibration and attracting more of the kind of things you want into your life.

Then watch and see what 2012 brings for you

Happy New Year to come


( for more prosperity and joy in 2012, follow this link to “Bringing in the New Year” , a post  on beliefs from around the world on things to do for New Years’ to make the coming year healthier, happier, and more prosperous. Enjoy!)





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A happy Kwanzaa, to my friends who celebrate it; and happy New Year coming to us all!

For me, the weeks rolling up to Christmas are always busy ones, full of  finding, making and wrapping presents, cooking, and time with friends and family. It’s a lot of living crammed into a relatively small but joyous amount of time. And the week between Christmas and New Years is a time to return to the usual pace of life – to pick up and pack up the gifts and the trims of the holidays and reenter the rhythm of regular living.

But, I also find that this week is a good time to stop and reflect on  life.

It’s a good time to look back on the past year. What did I get done in the past year that I set out to do? What is still waiting for me to turn my hand to?

It’s also a good time to look ahead. What do I want to accomplish in the coming year? What have I always dreamed of doing, and how can I get started on this in the year to come?

Last year, I invited you to  dream big with me ( “Lets Dream Big” 12/28/10 ). This year,  as we clean up after the holidays and prepare for the New Year, I’d like to invite you to give some thought to what you want to do with the shiney new year you have ahead of you.

What dream would you like to make real?

Lets make this the best year yet !






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Hi folks

Getting ready to celebrate the New Year?

Last New Year, I posted a list of customs from around the world for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day that are supposed to bring you prosperity and good fortune in the coming year.

For your convenience, here’s a link to that article.

So eat some grapes or hoppin John, wear your new clothes, clean house or have yourself first footed,

and have yourself a wonderful New Year






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Happy Kwanzaa, to those who celebrate it!

For the rest of us, we’ve passed beyond the excitement and excesses of the holiday season, and have only New Years before we pass into a shiny New Year, full of possibilities.

For me, this week tends to be full of finding homes for presents I have received, clearing up after Christmas crafting, and beginning to catch up on commitments that went on hold during the last down hill dash to Christmas.

As I restore some order to my little corner of the world, however, I also find it a great time to start thinking about the year to come.

What do I want to do in the coming year?

What do I want to learn?

What do I want to accomplish?

Who do I want to be and where do I want to go by this time next year?

After all, we’re about to receive the biggest, best holiday gift of all – the gift of a shiny new year, fraught with possibilities, where we can do amazing things if we so chose…..

It’s exciting….

Studies find that

  • if you want to get someplace, it’s important to know where you’re going;
  • when you write down your goals, you appreciably increase the chance of achieving them;
  • if you have a Life Mission, it helps you to choose goals that are fun, reinforcing, and meaningful to you:
  • if you give some time to thinking about what you want to give your energy/love/time/resources to, you’re far more likely to do something that you’ll feel good about afterwards;

We’ve all got a potentially wonderful year coming up, if we chose to make it astounding. So I’m inviting you, as we pick up the last scraps of wrapping paper and enjoy the final twinkle of holiday lights about the neighborhood, to join me in giving some thought about what kind of a year you want to have.

What do you want to do this year?….

(Let’s dream big!…)






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Hi folks,

A New Year is on the way, with all the potential for joy, accomplishments and blessings that implies.

It seems like a good time to talk about New Year’s folklore- ways to invite abundance, health, prosperity, joy, growth and lotsa other good things into your life on the New Year. I therefore put on my loremaster cap and searched the world for beliefs to make the coming year a good one for all and sundry.

Some of these beliefs are things that I’ve had personal experience with. Others are things that I haven’t tried yet, but seem to have some intrinsic sense to them.

You’ll find my comments with each belief

In no particular order…

1) Both Ireland and Japan believe in having a thoroughly cleaned house on New Year’s Eve.I found one reference from Ireland that said if you left your dirty dishes to the next day, you’d be lumbered with toil and labor for the year. (Energetically, cleaning opens space for new things to come in, as well as being pleasing to fairies…)

2)In Wales, they open the back door on the first stroke of 12 to let the old year out, and the front door on the last stroke to let the new year in( energetically putting the past behind us)

3) In Scotland, Britain,and other UK countries, the “first footer” is the first person to cross the threshold after the year turns. To bring luck in the coming year, it should be a tall, dark man, preferably bringing gifts of 1 or more of the following  – whiskey, coal, small cakes or a coin; and should be given the hospitality of the house ( a guest bringing symbolic gifts can energetically draw good fortune)

4) In the southern US, eating black-eyed peas, particularly in a dish called “Hoppin’ John” is believed to bring abundance in the coming year( this started during the Civil War, when food was in short supply, and black-eyed peas could fill you up) .

5) The noise making common throughout many cultures at New Years was intended to drive evil spirits away (sound is often used for breaking up and banishing negative energy)

6) In Spain, eating 12 grapes at the stroke of midnight brings good luck for the next 12 months ( I could do with 12 juicy months in the coming year)

7) In Poland, touching the floor right foot first when you get out of bed on New Year’s Day brings good luck ( putting your right foot forward seems to set a good intention).

8 ) In parts of England, the first water drawn from a well on Jan. 1 is supposed to bring fortune and happiness ( I like this, but I’m not sure why)

9) Wearing new clothes on New Year’s Day is considered lucky and an omen of how the year will go by many Haitians and Londoners.( Symbolic magic, drawing more abundance)

10) Finally, I heard about a Sicilian custom of taking a full set of new coins, and placing them face up on the window sill before 12 to bring good luck as we pass from one year to the next. ( Once again symbolic magic, intermixing intention, physical symbols and time)

I hope you have fun on New Year’s. I’d also recommend that you use one or more of these beliefs (or make up your own) to build an intention for a happy, loving, healthy, prosperous, wonderful year to come…

Because we all deserve it…

I’m  picking out a new sweater, lining up a first footer and contemplating grapes as you read this 🙂

All good things to you- now and in the year to come.






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