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Two weeks ago, I wrote a post about fear and stress (Things A Little Strained…) . How it can change your energy to a more negative level, which can cause you to attract more negative experiences. And some ideas about how to deal with that

and I thought that you might like to hear about the followup.

We’d been facing tech challenges, a tight budget and a whopping tax bill.

Stressful, right? You bet.

So I did some things to nurture myself and shift my energy into as positive a level as I could.

And, in the week that followed

  • we figured out how to deal with the tax bill.
  • the caseload on my day job began to climb again, and
  • after months of looking hard, Starwolf was offered a job- and at a higher rate than he was making before.

The last one is even more exciting when you realize that

  • he was looking in places online that he hadn’t before because I asked him to
  • he found out because of that that the online and physical world versions of job hunting agencies don’t always seem to share info with each other
  • he ran across a job fair that he wouldn’t have found if he wasn’t doing this
  • he popped into this faire
  • he found that the person who recruited him to that agency was gone, but the person he was talking to had something she thought he’d be a good fit for
  • he got an interview within a couple of days and was offered a job

Lots of co-incidences? Maybe- but the other co-incidence is that this happened right after I made a conscious effort to lift my energy to a more positive level.


So where’s your energy today?






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Was looking through a catalog the other day. Not a New Age catalog- just an everyday “things – for -your -home” catalog.

And I found something interesting

I spotted a line of  cleaners that in 4 scents

Sage – as is used for smudging to clear a room of negative energy;

Lavender – which is good for stress relief;

Lemon – which in aromatherapy is an energizing scent;

And Vanilla Lavender – adding the loving comforting scent of vanilla to the stress relief of lavender.

Looks like the mainstream world is catching up with the metaphyscal community .

Ready to start your metaphysical spring cleaning?






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Earlier this week, we talked about Feng Shui beliefs about plumbing. How in Feng Shui, if the lid is up on the toilet, it can energetically lead to money “going down the drain”…

And, for the gentlemen in the readership, this is not a “woman-wants-the-seat-down” thing. The belief is that water draining out of the house energetically leads to unexpected expenses.


  • car repairs;
  • home repairs;
  • tax bills:

You get the idea.

So, the concept is that, by keeping the lid down when the toilet is not in use, you are blocking that negative energy flow, and cutting down on or eliminating such freak expenditures.

This is called a Feng Shui “cure” – a technique or trick to block negative energy. And it is a good thing.

But, by the by, your toilet is not the only place that water drains out of, right?

No worries – we got some other cures for you….

For drains in sinks (kitchen, bathroom, or, for the ritzy, home bar), one way of blocking the money from going down the drain is to stop the sinks when not draining water. Close the little thing-a-ma-jig…

Or, if that’s too hard to remember (especially when you get up early or crash out very late), you can tie a red ribbon around the drain pipe under the sink for long range protection that doesn’t require remembering to do something on a regular basis.

It’s also a good idea to be sure to turn faucets completely off, and repair any dripping faucets. That not only prevents the energetic drain of cash, but also that drain on the physical plane (do you know how fast your water bill goes up with that tiny little drip?)

So control the energy. Do the cures.

And don’t let your money go down the drain….






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This concludes the Warding thread.

If you have questions, please ask. I love solving problems.





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Back to Warding.
 After you have cleansed the area you wish to ward, your next step is to cast a circle . As I am Wiccan, I cast a wiccan style circle, but you should create one in accordance with whatever tradition YOU belong to. The main difference is that for a permanent circle you use crystals instead of candles. These function as “repeaters”, keeping the circle up even if a physical object crosses it.

                                                          Till next time

                                                           And have a HAPPY NEW YEAR





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The basic idea behind warding is to create a permanent energetic barrier or barriers around the area that you wish to protect.
Step 1: Cleansing.
 It makes no sense to ward an area if all you do is lock the ” yucky stuff-technical term” inside with you. So the first thing you should do is cleanse the space. Use salt & water, smudging with sage, sweet grass or rosemary, or smudging with sound, combined with a physical cleaning.

                                                        Till next time





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Warding is the theory and practice of Magickal defense. In this series of postings, I will outline how to protect your living and work spaces from intrusions both Magickal and Spiritual.

                                                    Till next time





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Get ready, folks!

 This week, we have the labor and joy of Thanksgiving, and immediately afterwards, we’ll be diving head first into the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Be it Christmas, Yule, Hanukkah, the Winter Solstice or some other fine holiday that you and yours celebrate, the odds are that you are going to be busy ( unless you have a personal assistant that does the whole thing for you – and where’s the fun in that?…)

There’ll be meals to plan and cook, goodies to make, expeditions to stage, presents to be bought and loved ones to be cherished – and that’s only a starter list.

And while you’re bustling around, nurturing others, it’s a good idea to nurture yourself as well.

One idea? On Dec. 11, I’ll be holding my class on “a Taste of Tibet” from 2 -4 at Talisman in Monroe, Ct. And you can be part of it.

Sound and energy are perfect partners. In this class, I’ll present an overview of some traditional Tibetan ceremonial instruments (singing bowls, gantas or singing bells, and tingshas) and show you some interesting and practical ways to use them for energy work. If we have time, we’ll also play the instruments as a group. (If you have any of the above instruments, please bring them.)

The sounds of these instruments are soothing. My body feels better when I listen to or play a ganta or bowl. And if you’re coming down off some marathon shopping or jingling those bells, jingling these bells will help you find your center again and give you a better head space for tuning into the meaning of the season.

Plus it’s fun. So if you’re ready for fun, please come…

Interested? Then call the nice folks at Talisman at 203 -261-0047 to sign up

Jingle all the way…






Come prepared to learn something new and to have fun.

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Tomorrow is the opening day for Changing Times, Changing Worlds – an ecumenical, esoteric metaphysical extravaganza in Northampton, Ma.

And the psychics of Foresight will be there with bells on!

(Although not literally. There will be a Morris dancing group there and we’ll leave the literal bells up to them :-)….)

Starwolf will be teaching

  • Warding
  • Wyrd Science

He’ll be on panels for

  • Ethical Issues for Pagan Clergy
  • Indigeny, Paganism and Social Change
  • The Role of the Clergy in Paganism
  • Shamans – the Many Faces of Shamanism

I’ll be teaching

  • Clearing and Releasing Negative Programs
  • Dream Interpretation
  • Introduction to Palmistry
  • Manifesting Prosperity
  • Reiki –  It’s Not Just for Healing Anymore
  • A Touch of Accupressure

I’ll be on panels for

  • Heal Thyself (why healers are better at helping others than they are at helping themselves)
  • Money and Metaphysics
  • The Role of the Clergy in Paganism

Plus, I’m going to do my first book signing for “Adventures in Palmistry”.

Now, that’s a lotta good stuff right there….

But that’s only scraping the surface of what this conference has to offer.

124 hours of amazing classes and panels on topics in metaphysics, spirituality, personal growth and alternative healing.

Book signings  by a wide range of authors

Vendors (and who doesn’t love the metaphysical shopping :-)?….)

And some of the most interesting people you’ll ever get the chance to meet.

It’s not too late.

Drop everything (well, not your baby …) and head for Changing Times, Changing Worlds.

It’s going to be an excellent weekend…

And it’ll be even better if you’re there…..






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Hi folks

We’re six days out from the first Changing Times, Changing Worlds convention on November 12- 14 in Northampton, Mass.

And this is a convention that you’re going to want to see….

This is a conference for Wiccans, pagans, metaphysical Christians, Reiki practitioners, alternative health people, energy workers, New Age folk, dowsers and all of us out in the alternative areas of metaphysics, spirituality, energy and health, and those of us who are curious about these things.

So, if you’re finding this blog interesting, you’ll probably enjoy this conference too…

There are going to be classes- 98 hours of classes, on topics such as

  • healing
  • spirituality
  • energywork
  • movement
  • magick
  • manifestation
  • clearing dysfunctional beliefs

and lots, lots more

(Class list here)

There’ll be a wide range of panels of interest in healing, metaphysics and spirituality.

There’ll be vendors and booksignings and lots of interesting people to talk to…

And Foresight will be there.

Will you?

Check it out- you don’t want to miss this…

Changing Times, Changing Worlds….

See you there






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