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Wanna live an extraordinary life? Then you need to join forces with the power of “Yes”….

Those of you who’ve been visiting here for a while may know that I’m a big advocate of the “Life Mission“. I believe that each and everyone of us has something extraordinary that we are here to do, something that we bring to the party of Life that noone else can bring for us.

And part of making this happen is knowing what your Life Mission is – what you are here to do with your life. And another major part is being willing to move outside of your comfort zone to make that happen.

Many people live mundane, “middle-of-the-road” lives. Some people go way  beyond that. And the main difference between the two is being willing to say “Yes” to moving beyond survival and into adventure.  “Yes” to what calls to you. “Yes” to being imperfect while you try and learn new things. “Yes” to your ability to make a difference or make  things happen.

“Yes”” to being extraordinary…

I have a friend who is a stage magician (www.greenwolfmagic.com ) . One part of his show is teaching his audience to say “Ooooo! Aaaaaaah! YES!” when they see something in the show that amazes them or pleases them mightily.

I’d like to encourage you to say “Ooooo! Aaaah! YES!” to your life. and to make your life something that you want to say “Ooooo!! Aaaah! YES!” to…

Say Yes to what is extraordinary in you….






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I’m sitting here in the dark of the night with visions of metaphysics dancing in my head…

What to write, what to write?

Shall I write about

  • divination?
  • making your dreams come true?
  • manifestation?
  • alternative health?
  • the hero’s quest?
  • moving outside of your comfort zone?

I’ve started down at least a half a dozen appealing trails tonight, and stopped dead again and again. Each article had potential, but there’s something else waiting for us all…

so I’m asking you, the reader…

What would you like me to write about?

Starwolf and I want to make this blog, as part of our mission for Foresight, as helpful and friendly a place as you can find. To this end, we take requests.

What questions do you have in metaphysics, alternate health, spirituality or personal growth? What would you like to know more about?

Let us know. If we know about it, we’ll write about it

Looking forwards to your questions






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Hey you….

Wanna do the happy zombie dance with me?….

Then you’ll have to come outside of your comfort zone….

Most people (including me) have built themselves “comfort zones” and are uncomfortable outside of them.

How about you?

Our comfort zone is where we know every corner, all the rules of how things work, every shabby and well-worn piece of furniture. And we like it there.

So what’s wrong with that?

Only this….

We all have dreams. We all have Life Missions. We all have things that we are here to bring to the Party of Life. And most of them involve learning, growing or becoming some one or something more than we are right now.

And to do that, we’ll have to move outside of our comfort zones. Because they don’t have enough room for us to truly spread our wings….

Like every one, I like my comfort zone; but I’m finding that it’s more and more important for me to move outside of it and try new things. Even if it’s off the beaten track for me.

So I’m trying something different…

And I’d like to share it with those of you who would find it interesting

 “Snow White Requiem”, my first zombie story, has just published in the first edition of “Zombies!” a free e-zine. .

This is something new and different for me, and (while it’s more dramatic and not so  happy), I’m rather pleased with it. Without giving too much away, it involves romance, drugs, horror, an evil bokor and  a little child

And zombies. Lots of zombies.

(They’re not happy. But I am…)

Wanna do the happy zombie dance with me? You can sign up for “Zombies!’ at this link.

And you might also want to stop and think –

What are you going to do to move outside of your comfort zone?






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“You must do the thing you think you cannot do.”

Eleanor Roosevelt





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We’ve been talking about New Year’s resolutions and about making changes in ourselves to make our lives better.

(By the by, did you realize that you can start a new year and make a resolution to change your life at any time you like? Mind-blowing, that.)

We’d all like to be healthier/wiser/more prosperous/ more successful/ more whatever our heart calls us to –

But, for the majority of us, change is hard.

Remember your high school physics?

A body in movement tends to remain in movement, and a body at rest tends to remain at rest unless acted on by an irresistible force….

And, since most of us don’t have that irresistible force in our area, while we have good intentions, we tend to fall back into our old patterns (many of us around this time in January…)

Going back to the physics analogy, to get our bodies at rest into motion, we need to find a way to overcome resistance…

Resistance that comes

  • from old habits;
  • from temptation;
  • from inertia:
  • from the expectations of others;
  • from fear of change;
  • from fear of failure;
  • from fear of success;

and from any other really good reasons we have lying around the house.

There are always lots of perfectly good reasons to stay in the life style we’ve currently achieved. Unfortunately, if we want to learn, grow, and have the potential of a better life, we have to kick those perfectly good reasons to the curb and find the way to get past the Dragons of Inertia….

So lets look at that…

The adventure continues ahead…






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