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Back on January 22 (One Door Closes, Another Opens…), I talked about having two different thoughts about what book I would be writing in 2013; and on January 24th (One Door Closes, Another Opens…part II), I talked about one possible topic- a book on dreams and dream work.

Now it’s time to talk about the other topic. I’m thinking about writing a book about religiously mixed marriages and ways to make them work.

You may or may not know this, but my husband Starwolf is a neopagan Wiccan and I’m a Christian. When we first got engaged, the literature available on mixed religion marriages was mainly on two different kinds of Protestants. (If the author wanted to get edgy, they might actually address marriage between a Protestant and a Catholic…) There was not anything out there for marriages between a monotheist and a polytheist. Since we’re both book-ish people on spiritual paths, this wasn’t  helpful; and now that we’ve been married for over 23 years, when I look around and search the internet, I’m still not finding much available about this  .

It’s a good time for such a book. It’s an age where lots of people are turning to find their own spiritual paths and there are many more  faiths out there than there used to be.

When you’re married to a person of a different faith, there’s all of the skills you need to use to keep any relationship strong, such as communication, understanding, and respect, and then there’s all of the additional skills you need to support each other’s practices. There are also the many different aspects of dealing with family, friends and society as a mixed religion couple, especially when at least one of you follows a path that many folks don’t know about.

I’m thinking a book that prepares you for some of the unique challenges of being married to someone on a different path, and that gives you suggestions of how to deal with those challenges might be helpful for other folks  traveling this road.

What’s your take on this? Does this topic sound like one that you’d like to have me tackle in 2013?

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