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It’s amazing how many types of magick can be done with common everyday household objects

And one of the more versatile is salt

Salt can be used metaphysically for purification, protection and to damp down excessive energy.

You can

  • sprinkle salt around your bed to shield against unwanted energies and entities and sleep deep
  • use it to create a barrier to keep out negative energy or metaphysical visitors
  • use it to clean energy out of things you’ve just brought home (as my grandmother would say “You don’t know where it’s been.”
  • use it to damp down psychic input for people who are new to this and learning how to deal with it
  • and there’s a lot more uses besides

Ways to do this? Besides just sprinkling it around, you can

  • Bury new tools in a bowl of salt or let them sit in a salt water bath to cleanse them (some items respond poorly to this and need to be cleansed a different way)
  • In a place full of stale or negative energy (for instance, where there’s been a lot of fighting), sprinkle the salt and let it sit and soak up the energy and then sweep it out the door with the intention that all the bad energy goes with it
  • Feeling negative or like you’ve been energetically “slimed”? Try washing with a face or bod scrub with salt as one of the main ingredients, with the intention that washing that off takes the negative energy with it

Are there places in your life where there’s negative energy you need to be rid of? Think salt, and what it can do for you






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