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So, it’s  a New Year and we’re looking at our resolutions for it. What we want to do/learn/become in 2011.

Now, some resolutions drop by the way side because we set goals that are way too sweeping and overwhelming.


  • lose 100 lbs;
  • find amazing love and be married in the year;
  • write the Great American Novel;

Now, any of those goals are possible within the space of a year, but for many of us, they’re good intentions but so overwhelming that we take a tiny stab at them and then give up;

For folks like this, we need to set smaller goals, and move towards them in baby steps, in a technique called Kaizen, which I will talk about in the future. Once we achieve a small goal, rinse and repeat .

You acknowledge/celebrate  that you’ve achieved a goal

  • check it off on your list;
  • reinforce yourself with chocolate;
  • tell someone so you can jump up and down together;
  • do the happy “I did it!” dance;
  • or whatever floats your boat.

And then do it again.

The important thing is to acknowledge that you’re moving forwards – because that is what gives you the motivation to keep on moving towards your dreams.

More on goal setting to come






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