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Been noticing a trend lately online of people who post about their problems and how miserable their lives are.

The odd thing is that, when people offer support or advice for making things better, these same people get very indignant.

“How dare you tell them how to live their lives?”

Heal, word cloud concept

Heal, word cloud concept on black background.

“How dare you try to take their problems away from them?”

well, huh…

The point of social media is to share things up to others and open them up to discussion. At that point, if you post something, you shouldn’t be surprised or get angry if people respond, as long as they’re polite about it.

After all, that’s how social media works. If you don’t want other people to respond, you shouldn’t be posting in a place designed for that.

On beyond that, though, there’s a bit of dissonance between the idea that they’re so miserable or in so much pain, and getting mad that people want to help them to change things.

If you don’t like it, why would you keep doing this? More to the point, who do you fight so hard to stay in the same situation?

It’s a point worth thinking about…






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Hi there

Do you like quotes? I do.

Not every quote, but there are a lot of them that hit me right where I live.

Some inspire me. Some make me laugh. Some show me that people who have accomplished astounding things have still wrestled with many of the same concerns and issues that I have (and if someone that amazing can still have doubts, challenges or a sense of humor, it kind of tells me that there’s hope for us all to be equally amazing).

When I was working out of an agency cubicle, I’d make easels out of paper clips to post a rotating series of quote cards to remind me to be strong, creative, extraordinary or whatever else I needed to be inspired to aspire to.

If you’ve been reading us for awhile, I hope you know that we try to give you the tools you need to follow your dreams. In an effort to make this blog an even higher quality experience, I’m going to start adding a weekly quote for you. Some of them may relate to our current posts, and some may not, but I’m hoping that you’ll find inspiration and hope for your journey of exploration in them.

Watch this space for your Monday Inspiration.

See you soon






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