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Hi folks

I’m sorry that this announcement is coming at the last minute. Hurricane Irene and all of her after effects have been messing with our schedules, and I needed to confirm that an event was still on before I could announce it.

So, now that I know we’re good to go, I’m making our usual Thursday post on Wednesday, so I can give  you a heads-up on something that I’ll be doing Thursday evening that might be of interest to you.

 On Thursday night, from 8-9 pm, I will be appearing on Lexy Doyle’s Cauldron of Knowledge on Live Paranormal. Com ( http://liveparanormal.com/.com )
I’ll be talking on dream interpretation, and why the best interpretations are the ones you do for yourself.      

If you just want to listen, you can go to the above site, click the “Listen Live and Chat” listing under the “radio-listen/chat room” heading, and click “LISTEN HERE” next to “Cauldron of Knowledge”.

If you want to chat, you’ll need to go to the top of the home page on the extreme right and click “Join” to set up a personal account ( it’s free but takes a few moments, so you might want to do this in advance)

There are provisions for listeners to phone in with questions, too. If we have time, I may be walking people through interpreting their own dreams, so if you want a dream interpreted, please call in.

And, if you can’t tune in at that time, Live Paranormal.com archives its shows for your listening at a time convenient to you. Starwolf and I already have previous podcasts that we’ve done on Cauldron of Knowledge on Warding (Starwolf) and Grounding Out Negative Energy ( Catherine), and we are scheduled to do three more shows after this Thursday’s show before the end of the year.

( That’s a lot of Foresight for your listening pleasure…)

So if this interests you or if you’d just like to see what I make of the subject, please drop on by and be part of the fun. I’d love to talk or chat with you live on Thursday night about dreams.






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