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Now, I’m not claiming to be particularly wise.

Practical, mostly…

Fairly well-informed, probably….

But wise is something that I’m still working on here.

(It’s good to have goals.)

And looking both at folks far wiser than I am yet and at myself, one of the biggest pitfalls I find is this –

We know what to do and yet we do not do it!

We have the power to heal ourselves in body, mind and spirit…

Make our days go smoothly…..

Manifest abundance, joy and serendipity…

And still we do not do it!

Now what’s up with that?

I call it “the foolishness of the Wise”. It’s that phenomenon where you have all the knowledge you need to succeed, but can’t or won’t or just forget to use it on your own behalf. Where you know better, but still you mess up, over things that you could easily overcome.

The fact that even the Wise are not proof against their own folly….

And you know what? This seems to be a very human condition, one that stretches across all types of folks.

A Universal Foolishness….

So what do we do about this? How can we stop shooting ourselves in the foot? Running ourselves through the same wringer? Making the same mistakes when we have the tools to transcend?

What do you think?

One way is on the way…






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We’ve talked about intention to overcome resistance. (See ” The Power of Words – Resistance is Futile! “)

We’ve talked about intention to set the tone for your day. ( See ” An Intention Experiment “)

But, did you know that you can set an intention at any time of day or night?

An intention for a bill payment to arrive on time…

An intention to find the perfect birthday gift during your shopping today…

An intention to find the misplaced piece of documentation that you need by the end of the week….

There are lots of ways to use intention to make your life better and more fun.

For instance, one of the things I use intention for is getting good parking spots at the mall.

This weekend, we had a very full agenda. Indeed, my mind was going six different ways at once, and it was only when we turned down the aisle at the mall that I realized that I hadn’t set a parking spot intention yet.

As  Starwolf drove, I hastily started to set an intention for a parking spot close to the store we were going to.

And , before I even finished the intention, a car pulled out of the third spot from the entrance…

I looked at Starwolf. He looked at me.

“That’s impressive, even for you” he said as he pulled into the spot.

Now, setting an intention is not an absolute guarantee of success. But it does seem to tilt the odds rather significantly in the direction of what you’re looking for.

As long as you’re being ethical and not interfering with the Free Will of others, you can get some startlingly interesting results. ( For more info on metaphysical ethics, please check out the blog category “Ethics”.)

So, what are you planning on intending today?






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We’ve talked about using the practice of intention to overcome resistance to manifesting the things you want .

(Like a refresher? Check out “The Power of Words- Resistance is Futile!”)

But intention is not just for formal excursions in manifestation.

Have you considered using intention everyday? Using it to improve the overall quality of your life?

Try this.

When you wake up in the morning, before you get out of bed, stop and set an intention….

Like “It is my intention that I accomplish all of the things on my to-do list today easily and joyously”…

Or “It is my intention that today I make the connections I need to accomplish my next goal”….

Or “It is my intention that today I am full of energy and health”…..

Then see what happens.

Today, I set an intention for a day with  delightful surprises.

While I was at Whole Foods, the woman who waited on me started a wonderful conversation out of the blue.

She also gave me a gourmet chocolate. (This was not a sample situation and had never happened before.)

At my next stop, I came around a corner and came across an old friend I hadn’t seen for years.


What’s even more interesting to me is the concept that metaphysical manifestation is not just for special occasions, like manifesting a new house or a new job…

That manifestation can be used everyday for the small things to make your life better.

So what are you going to intend today?






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So positive self talk or telling ourselves better stories can help us create a better world for ourselves and others. Can psychologically help us to focus on the positive things around us, which is physically and mentally healthier for us, and tends to inspire us towards moving in the direction of mother positive things. Can metaphysically attract and manifest more of the positive things we are focusing on and other things that are similarly positive, creating an upwards spiral of creation.

But the truth’s the truth, right? It’s absolute. Things are great or they’re crappy, but they are what they are. Telling yourself things are super when they’re lousy is just being in denial, right?

Well, yes… and no.

Many times, your experience is not so much about what’s going on than how you chose to experience it.

For instance, if you’re constantly telling yourself you’re tired, you’ll find you become chronically tired. If you’re repeatedly telling yourself how hard life is, you’ll find it gets harder and harder.

But the reverse is also true.

What if, instead of telling yourself what a horrible day you had, you told yourself that the bad stuff’s behind you now?

What if, instead of telling yourself that your co-workers were all jerks, you told yourself that they all had their own strengths and weaknesses?

What if, instead of telling yourself that you’re trapped in a dead-end situation, you told yourself that you were where you were until you found and chose to move to something better?

It doesn’t have to be a major shift in story….

Got a task that you’ve been saying was “too hard / impossible / overwhelming”? Try just telling yourself that it’s “challenging” instead.

See how it shifts both the nature of the task and your ability to complete  it?

(For bonus points, tell yourself that it’s “challenging, but nothing that you can’t handle”…  :-)….)

There are folks who claim that this is just a “Pollyanna” attitude – denial that keeps you from getting anywhere.

My observation is that the folks around me who chose to focus on negative things seem to attract more  of them – to the point of the statistically unlikely.

And the folks who tell themselves better stories start to attract the little miracles. And the bigger ones.

All I know is it works.

So I wish you better stories in your life.






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We’ve  talked about how our beliefs, conscious and unconscious, shape our world and manifest experiences that support those beliefs.

We’ve talked about ways to change those beliefs, such as affirmations, setting an intention, and telling ourselves better stories through positive self talk.

Let’s take a deeper look at self talk.

Some self talk comes from other folks, like our family and friends. Even if they care for us, they may see us in ways that limit us or undermine our best lives.  (For instance “Your brother’s the smart one.”)

Some self talk comes from ourselves –  from lessons we have chosen to learn from our experiences. These lessons may be one way of finding meaning in those experiences, but not be the interpretation that supports us in having our most happy, prosperous lives. There may be better lessons to take away from these experiences than the beliefs we absorbed. (For instance, after the end of a bad romance, do we believe “All men are jerks.” or ” I need to chose a relationship with someone who treats me with respect.” ?)

Either way, we internalize these beliefs and they create our self talk –  the stories that we tell ourselves. As we pass through life, our beliefs create on-going self talk, that runs constantly like the theme music of our lives. The beliefs and self-talk manifest experiences that support those beliefs. The beliefs/self-talk  also shape our attention to focus on things that support those beliefs.

Which strengthen those beliefs.

Which manifest more evidence.

It’s a constant, self-feeding spiral, whether for good or ill …

Fortunately, that can work for us as well as against us.

Our beliefs can shape our self-talk. Our self-talk can also shape our beliefs.

Start listening to the things you tell yourself about yourself and the world around you.

Then think about whether there’s a better  story you could tell yourself.

You don’t have to constantly monitor yourself or make a total change to your self-talk all at once.

Even a small change can make a major difference.

And I’ll be giving you examples in the next post on the Power of Words

See you then






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In the last post, we talked about resistance. About your old unhelpful beliefs fighting back to stay a part of you, as opposed to letting you replace them with more helpful beliefs. You’ve lived by your old beliefs for so long that they’ve become habit. It can take time and effort to climb up out of the rut these beliefs have ground into your unconscious and teach yourself a new way of doing things.

Unfortunately, many times people will listen to the resistance and stop trying to change. They see the grain of truth in the resistance. They lose track of the fact that that resistance may tell you a truth, but only about what has happened up to now. 

And that you can create a new better truth that shapes your life from now on.

Still, fighting resistance can make this change harder and even cause folks to give up on their dreams.

So how do we overcome that?

If  you repeat your affirmations enough, you will eventually knock that  old belief out, but it’ll take hard work:


You can revise the type of affirmations you use.

Remember that I told you that an affirmation is most powerful when it’s in the present tense?(” I exercise everyday.”)

But if you’re affirming something that is a major change for you, resistance may appear.

Instead, you can word your affirmation as an intention. (“It is my intention that  I exercise everyday.”)

On the negative side, affirmation/intentions aren’t quite as powerful as direct affirmations for changing your beliefs.

On the plus side, when you incorporate words like “my intention” or “”I intend” in your affirmation, it is less likely to trigger resistance. Resistance opens one eye, doesn’t see an outright conflict and rolls over and goes back to sleep

And, with repetition, the unhelpful belief gets sandbagged without ever triggering resistance.

The regular affirmation is more powerful. The intention affirmation is less, but also less likely to trigger resistance, so you don’t have to work as hard, although possibly a bit longer.

End call- I’d try a regular affirmation first. If I started getting a lot of resistance, I’d swap to an intention affirmation to work with at first, and, once resistance decreased, I’d go back to the regular  affirmation.

Either way, I’d be altering reality to what I wanted.

Now, this may all sound like psychology with nothing extraordinary attached. The interesting thing though, is that it can be useful in creating situations and things that seem miraculous.

  • Like attracting helpful people.
  •  Activating psychic ability.
  • Manifesting things.

And so on

So do you chose a regular affirmation or an intention affirmation?

I’d say it depends on how loud the “rotten little voice”  of your resistance is.






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I’ve been talking about beliefs. How words shape our beliefs. How our beliefs determine how we interact with the world.

This may have seemed very psychological. It  is – but there’s more  to it than that.

Because the beliefs we have energetically shape the world around us…

Per the Law of Attraction, what we focus on is what we tend to get more of. Like attracts  like.

For instance, if you’re spending a lot of time complaining about pushy cousin Betty:

  • you may find that Betty starts calling more frequently, and
  • you may find that you start having more encounters with folks who are just like Betty….

To use a technical term, ick……

So your beliefs, good or ill, don’t just affect how you see the world psychologically, and how you interact with it….

Your beliefs also tend to shape the world as you move through it.

Yes – you’re that powerful.

All the more reason to have your beliefs playing on your side, as opposed to against you.

And words are amongst the best tools we have for this.

There’s more words coming…






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Hi folks

Here’s another link to a very interesting bit of philosophy.

What if you could choose not to fall? Not just physically but in life?…

Click here and prepare  for something amazing….



June, 1, 2010



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Last time, we took a brisk tour of the conscious and unconscious minds, and what each one is responsible for.

We talked a bit about unconscious beliefs and how those beliefs can be affecting how you live your life even if you’re not aware of them.

So, how do those beliefs get there?

Well, it starts when you’re a baby….

As I mentioned in the last post, your conscious mind has the judgement. That includes the ability to weed through input and say “accept this idea” / “kick this one to the curb””.

The unconscious, on the other hand, has no judgement whatsoever. It accepts whatever we tell it as true. And, since the unconscious has 80% of the power , including the mind-body connection and most of the basic metaphysical/magickal/psychic/etc power, that can make for some challenging circumstances.

At worst, it’s like your unconscious mind is a very trusting toddler with a sub-machine gun…

Our unconscious creates  beliefs from the things we are told, and the lessons we chose to learn from the world around us.


  • some of those beliefs are not accurate,
  • some were accurate at the time but are no longer so,
  • some of them are dysfunctional,
  • some of them are things that were well-meant to protect us but end up limiting or harming us,
  • some conflict with each other,
  • some are negative, controlling or malevolent,

And the unconscious does it’s best to make each and every one of them come true.

For instance, if your family described you as “the clumsy one” , over time you’ll start tripping more and having more accidents, even if there’s nothing abnormal about your motor skills to start out with.

The unconscious hears “Oh, I’m clumsy…” and does it’s best to make it true.

Because these beliefs are hidden in the unconscious, we can’t see them, even though they may be causing wackiness or outright dysfunction in our lives.

So why would people who care about us program us for dysfunction?

For that matter, why would we do that ourselves (because that happens too…)?

Those words are on their way…






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 You know what to do – and you just don’t do it…

You feel stuck, like all the things you do go nowhere….

You want to let go of past pain or failure, but you just can’t seem to…

You sabotage yourself…

What’s up with that?

Many times, we’re doing good things, but unconscious negative emotions and beliefs block us from being able to move forwards in life. Negative beliefs and emotions can sabotage our goals and desires, and also cause physical illness( wonder where that ulcer came from?)

And they’re so hard to let go of…

But there is a solution.

(trumpet fanfare) Emotional Freedom Technique ( also called E.F.T.)  is an amazing technique combining tapping on points on your energy meridians with affirmations that clears these negative emotions and beliefs easily and quickly. It’s easy to learn, quick and easy to do, and works like a charm.

The leading source of info on E.F. T. is  Gary Craig at www.emofree.com . This site is an amazing resource, including free manuals and articles that teach you E.F.T. and lots of fun and funky ways to use it for better living.  It’s a good idea to visit and check out what it has to offer.

Sadly, as I’ve announced on two previous occasions, this site is moving towards shutting down. More happily, it has extended its closedown deadline for a second time and is currently slated to remain open until June 1 . I’d recommend getting there while you still can.

Gary and associates are  contemplating leaving some of the resources available online, but this is still being debated so I’d recommend that you get your free manuals now while you still can.

E.F.T. is a wonderful energetic tool and you deserve to get it for free!

Carpe manual






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