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Technology taking over your life? Well, here’s a different approachcat sitting lokking at laptop

How I Stopped Checking My Phone And Started Using It With Intention






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we seem to have finally entered spring….

(*freezes, looks quickly around in all directions for snow, then sighs in relief*)

and its time for spring cleaning.

But that’s not just about shaking out the snow boots, putting away the shovels for another year and getting some fresh air flowing through a house that’s been shut up for the winter. Did you know that you can put an energetic spin on spring cleaning, so that you not only have a cleaner house but also clear your energy and set it to attract new and better things into your life?

Simple stuff. As you clean and get rid of things( like dust bunnies) that you don’t need anymore, you also set an intention that, as you clear things you no longer need out of your house, you make room for things that suit you better to come into your life. An “intention” is just a metaphysical term for a goal that is use to move energy in the direction that you want it to go, and, by combining such an intention with the act of spring cleaning, you turn a basic chore into a technique for manifesting something better (one that has roots going back to antiquity)

So, throw open those windows, clean those floors or do a  start of the year declutter and let the power of intention bring you a springtime bonus with your housecleaning.

(PS You could also tie your springcleaning intentions into your personal goals – see “Time for New Beginnings”)







For more information on Catherine’s books, “Adventures in Palmistry”, “The Practical Empath – Surviving and Thriving as a Psychic Empath”, her urban fantasy “The Lands That Lie Between”  and her new book “Manifesting Something Better” all from Foresight Publications, click here

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Like to have your day go smoother, things go easier, things come together?

Then, have you considered setting an intention?

An intention is just a “fancy-schmancy” way of energetically setting a goal, and then attracting that reality to you.

What’s a simple way to do this? When you first awake in the morning, before you jump out of bed and get going on your day, say something like “I am setting an intention that :

  • everything I do today happens easily and joyously” or
  • today is a day of wonderful surprises” or
  •  today everything I need to accomplish what I want to do comes easily to hand;

or something to that effect.

You don’t have to use these exact words. It’s important to use the words “intend” or “intention” but otherwise you’re free to use whatever words speak to you. You can say these words in your head or out loud, dependant on if you have company and if that company would be disturbed by this.

You just need to state your intention and feel positive about it for a moment. If that’s too much, even feeling like it’s possible that this might have an effect can work.

Just say your words

Then stand back and watch what happens…






For more information on Catherine’s books, “Adventures in Palmistry”, “The Practical Empath – Surviving and Thriving as a Psychic Empath”, her urban fantasy “The Lands That Lie Between”  and her new book “Manifesting Something Better” all from Foresight Publications, click here

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There are many good things that have happened in the past year; but for many people, 2011 has been challenging. And, delightful or challenging, this year is winding its way to an end.

Whether your year has been a good one or fraught with “learning experiences”, we could all use an even better one next year in 2012. For that reason, as the holidays make their way to a close, I’d like to invite you to join me in doing a little energy work with a thought towards prosperity, health and joy in the coming year.

A goodly number of us spend at least part of the week picking up after the holidays or in preparation for the New Year. There’s fridges to clean out, wrapping paper and boxes to discard, gifts to find homes for, decorations to stow away.  And as you clean, or straighten, or declutter, you can make your efforts do double duty.

Set an intention as you bring your home back into balance. As you discard things you don’t need anymore, intend that you are letting go of the thoughts, beliefs, and outmoded energy that no longer serves you, to make room for better beliefs and energy. As you find a home for gifts, intend a blessing that flows between you and the giver, blessing you both. As you clean, intend that making your house more welcoming welcomes new blessings into your life.

(For those of you who are unfamiliar with the concept of setting an intention, an intention is just a goal used to focus the energy in an activity to manifest a change in the world by non-ordinary means. More details can be found in other posts on this blog. …)

And, as you set your intentions, know that you are changing your energetic vibration and attracting more of the kind of things you want into your life.

Then watch and see what 2012 brings for you

Happy New Year to come


( for more prosperity and joy in 2012, follow this link to “Bringing in the New Year” , a post  on beliefs from around the world on things to do for New Years’ to make the coming year healthier, happier, and more prosperous. Enjoy!)





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“Mantras you shouldn’t say:

I don’t know;

I’m not ready;

I can’t do it. ”

Jennifer Loudon





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Happy Kwanzaa, to those who celebrate it!

For the rest of us, we’ve passed beyond the excitement and excesses of the holiday season, and have only New Years before we pass into a shiny New Year, full of possibilities.

For me, this week tends to be full of finding homes for presents I have received, clearing up after Christmas crafting, and beginning to catch up on commitments that went on hold during the last down hill dash to Christmas.

As I restore some order to my little corner of the world, however, I also find it a great time to start thinking about the year to come.

What do I want to do in the coming year?

What do I want to learn?

What do I want to accomplish?

Who do I want to be and where do I want to go by this time next year?

After all, we’re about to receive the biggest, best holiday gift of all – the gift of a shiny new year, fraught with possibilities, where we can do amazing things if we so chose…..

It’s exciting….

Studies find that

  • if you want to get someplace, it’s important to know where you’re going;
  • when you write down your goals, you appreciably increase the chance of achieving them;
  • if you have a Life Mission, it helps you to choose goals that are fun, reinforcing, and meaningful to you:
  • if you give some time to thinking about what you want to give your energy/love/time/resources to, you’re far more likely to do something that you’ll feel good about afterwards;

We’ve all got a potentially wonderful year coming up, if we chose to make it astounding. So I’m inviting you, as we pick up the last scraps of wrapping paper and enjoy the final twinkle of holiday lights about the neighborhood, to join me in giving some thought about what kind of a year you want to have.

What do you want to do this year?….

(Let’s dream big!…)






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We’ve been talking about blocks to manifestation. About how some of them are sent to test our resolve, while some of them are indications that we’re on the wrong path.

One of the reasons we may find manifestation blocks is because we’re trying to manifest one thing when we really want/ need  another.

Like the guy who tries to manifest a sports car when what he really wants is to feel young and desirable.

Or the woman who tries to manifest a romantic partner when what she really wants is to feel good about herself – a feeling that she believes external validation will give her.

When this happens, often manifestation will grind to a halt;

Or worse, the person will manifest what he asked for only to find that it makes him unhappy(the insurance on the sports car and the high maintenance spouse being two examples..).

So how do we overcome this kind of block?

We ask ourself the magic question –

“Why do I want this?”

( My husband says that “Why” is my favorite word :-)…..)

Why does one want to manifest a lottery win?

Because you’d like to have a lot of money.

Why do you want that?

Because enough money would let you quit your job and spend more time doing the things you love.

Why do you want that?

Because you love doing those things but don’t have enough time to do them right now.

So, at that point, a lottery win is nice, and money would be welcome, but what you really need to be focusing on is manifesting the freedom, time and energy to do the things you love.

And a lottery win is only one possible way this could happen…

See how that works?

Many times, you’ll find that the “Why” boils down to a feeling or state of being, such as status, self-esteem, freedom or safety.

Not always though. The guy who’s trying to manifest a car may really need it ( although what he needs may be reliable transformation, as opposed to a specific SUV).

They say that when you’re climbing the ladder of success, it’s important to be sure that your ladder is leaning against the right wall. In manifestation, lean that ladder to the proper side, and watch this kind of obstacle melt away…

We’ll be looking at other blocks on the road ahead…






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