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Hi folks,

Having finished Renn faire season(for now…), I’m now getting ready for a conference on November 12-14 called  Changing Times, Changing Worlds . Changing Times, Changing Worlds is an ecumenical, esoteric, metaphysical(say that three times fast ;-)…) gathering. aimed at bringing together the people of differnet metaphysical backgrounds so we can learn from each other and form a better community. If that sounds like the kind of thing you’d like, check it out and see if it’s for you

Starwolf and I are going to be teaching an assortment of classes at CTCW, and I’m in the process of pulling things togther now. And this is where I could really use your help….

In response to a need expressed while planning this conference, one of the classes I’m going to be teaching is a quick 50 minute basics class on accupressure for people attending weekend conferences in hotels. In that time, I’m thinking that I’ll be able to teach accupressure groundwork and how to press points for 3, and possibly 4 isssues.

So far, the two issues that are definites are sinus/migranes/headaches and a set of points that gives you an instant burst of energy (kinda an accupressure “cup of coffee” without the post caffeine “slump”…)

So that leaves 1, and possibly two issues up for grabs…

I’d really like to know – if you were going to a weekend conference in a hotel, what would you like in your accupressure bag of tricks?

Your input much appreciated. I’ll be looking for it….

Meanwhile, I’ll be planning more classes for CTCW. Because it’s fun to share  the things that make my life better with folks, so they can make their lives better too….

Maybe I’ll get to share some of these classes with you .







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