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Deck them halls and hang that holly.  We’ve looked at some gift ideas  from the worlds of alternative health. How about some presents from the world of metaphysics?

Before you start, the first step is to find out what area of metaphysics interests your recipient. Metaphysics covers a wide range of interests, from magick to New Age to certain spiritual paths, such as Wicca; and a great gift for one area is not so great for another.

Showing an interest in what path your recipient is on is respectful, and giving a great gift because you’ve done your homework rocks.

Good vibrations –

A physical space can gather dust, and it can also retain the vibrations of the things that have happened there – and those aren’t always good vibrations. These vibrations can affect the energy of the space and how folks feel there.

If your loved one feels the energy of his or her space needs help, a gift of things that can clear negative energy or help improve the energy in a space is useful. Sage for smudging. Singing bowls and other instruments for smudging with sound. Crystals such as rose quartz to create a more positive supportive energy field.

The symbol is the thing –

In manifestation work, having a concrete symbol of the thing you’re trying to manifest can be helpful to focus on. A model of a wished for car, a picture of that dream house, or a mocked up magazine cover with your friend as the new number one actor in America can be a start in manifesting that dream.

The tools of the trade –

Every activity has its own equipment, and metaphysics is no exception. Whether the person you’re shopping for uses herbs, candles, or obscure New Age gadgets, a gift of  the right tools or supplies supports that individual’s path or practices and makes the season bright.

The gift of knowledge –

Whether you’re exploring and expanding the boundaries of energy, reality, magick or spirit, the knowledge of those who came before you can make your own journey better and more effective.

Books, recordings and classes in the metaphysical area of your recipient’s interest are always a good choice (and if you’re not sure exactly what to get, a gift card that puts a friend or loved one in a position to choose exactly what they most need next is an excellent gift.)

There’s four different areas to do your holiday shopping in a metaphysical area. But we’re not done yet…






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