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     We’ve talked about energetic shields -what they are and why we need ’em…

        We’ve talked about a simple way to start to build your shields… 

           We’ve talked about  empaths and why they need shields…

                Now let’s talk about tweaking those basic shields 

                        to meet an empath’s special needs…

     As you may recall, in a previous post, we went into combining intention with visualizing light to build basic personal shields. These shields are designed to insulate and protect you from energy from outside of our energetic field, negative energy in particular.

     An empath without shields experiences the feelings and emotional vibes around her as if they were her own. She especially needs shields that keep her emotional energy separate and distinct from that of those around her so she is not overwhelmed by the energy around her, can function as an individual  and can use her gift, rather than be used by it…  

     If you’re an empath and you want to be able to use your gift, you need shields that will let you perceive emotional energy without actually taking it into yourself and experiencing it as your own.

      To do this, start with the basic technique we went over in “Metaphysical Protection-Energetic Shields 2” (Need to review? Go ahead-I’ll wait…).

      As you picture the light around you, set your intention that your shields will only let emotional energy actually touch you if you consciously chose to let it do so.  Make it your intention that any emotional energy that comes flying towards you that you do not chose to let in will stop at the outside edge of your shields (I tend to think of it as being like a bug on a windshield…), and that you’ll be able to perceive the information that energy has to give you without taking it into yourself, experiencing it as your own feelings and becoming overwhelmed.

      Over time, your shields will become strong but flexible, able to give you the coverage you need in any circumstance, without cutting you off from the benefits of psychic empathy.

     Pretty cool, that. And all for the cost of a little focussed daydreaming…

     There’s more metaphysical marvels on the horizon…

      Got questions? Contact us at we_are_foresight@yahoo.c0m

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PS Just for the record, empaths can be either male or female. It’s just easier and  more readable to refer to one gender at a time

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     In previous posts(see “Metaphysical Protection-Energetic Shields“), I discussed what energetic shields are, why you might want to have them, and a basic technique to start developing your shields. This post is about tweaking energetic shields to serve the specific needs of an empath.

     What’s an empath?

     A psychic empath (as opposed to someone who’s psychologically empathetic, which is something totally different) is a particular type of psychic who’s really tuned in to feelings and emotional vibes. Empaths receive information from these “vibes” which can be useful for things like truly connecting with and understanding people, resolving difficulties, motivating folks and knowing who to trust ( amongst other things).

     With weak, poor or no shields, an empath will experience the emotions of everyone she comes in contact with as her own, whether she wants to or not. For instance, if you’re a poorly shielded empath, you may be feeling absolutely fine, but if an angry person comes into the room, all of a sudden you’ll find yourself feeling more and more angry for no particular reason, even if that person doesn’t say a word to you or have any direct interaction with you at all.

     This kind of uncontrolled experience can be very overwhelming- it can even make you feel a bit crazy. And other people won’t undersand you because you’ll be reacting to things they aren’t experiencing yourself.

     This is why you need good energetic shields.

     Good shields keep the emotional energy of others safely outside of your energetic field, while they keep your emotional energy safely inside your energetic field. They let you perceive the difference between your own emotions and the emotions you receive energetically from others( I like to think of it as the difference between “mine” and “thine”.) They let you receive the information that emotional energy gives you without the necessity of taking it into your body and experiencing it as your own.

     In my next post on shields, I’ll go into how to tweak the basic energetic shields so they more specifically meet an empath’s needs.

     Til then






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     If you’ve been working with the basic visualization for building energetic shields( Metaphysical Protection-Energetic Shields 2) , you’re probably finding that you’re getting better control over how the energy around you effects you. You have more ability to chose- chose what energy you let in and what you chose to keep outside of you.

      But what if your shields aren’t always enough?…

     In every person’s life, there are times that particularly test us- even if you have great shields…..

  • In the face of bigotry
  • In the malls at Christmastime;
  • When the one you love is really, really ticked at you;

     We all face times when the stakes are high, the energy is flowing double-time (…or triple-time, or a hundred-fold…), and our shields feel like we’ve built them out of Swiss Cheese (nice, but full of holes…).

     What to do?

     This is the point to give your shields an upgrade…

     Start with the basic shields. Set your intention ( remember how?) that the basic shields you’re building will be on at all times, unless you consciously chose to ake them down. Add a further intention that, at times that are energetically challenging, you can consciously chose to increase those shields according to your personal needs.

     What do I mean by “increase” ?  Well, you can make your shields:

  • Stronger;
  • Thicker;
  • More resilient (so negative energy bounces off and far away);
  • More powerful;
  • More energetic (up the amps);
  • More adhesive ( so negative energy gets stuck at the edge and can’t reach you;
  • Any combination of the above;
  • Or any other concept that works for you…

     In tough times, I like to mentally “flare” the energy in my shields and then push the extra energy outwards  with my mind. It makes my shields  feel stronger and more powerful, and gives me more control on what outside energy I accept.

     Once you’e got the basic shields in place, it’s good to add a “shields up!” upgrade to your routine, and get it in place as a familiar practice while times are relatively calm. This means that, when you have a need for it, you’ll have built both the upgraded shields and the habit of using them.

      And you’ll be ready for whatever Life brings you…

     There’s more good stuff coming…






      Questions? Email me at we_are_foresight@yahoo.com or leave a comment.

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     In a previous post ( Metaphysical Protection-Energetic Shields) , I went over some basic parameters on why good energetic shields are a good idea and some reasons you might want to have them.

     But how do you get good energetic shields? You can’t just go to the local Best Buy and pick them up in the “energetic shields” department…

     Hence, this post. We’re going to start with a simple way to start developing  your energetic shields…

     Whenever you have a moment (or two or ten…) close your eyes and picture yourself surrounded by light. Light on the left of you and the right; light in front of you and in back; light over your head and under your feet ; so you’re surrounded completely on all sides by light.

     What color should the light be? Tradition holds that it should be white as that is the highest/purest/ best color and also contains all other colors within it.

     I say that you should chose whatever color makes you feel safest/ calmest/ best with yourself.

  • Like green? Great!
  • Want Pink? Right on!
  • If you want plaid, I’m for it!

      You can also have more than one color. My own shields tend to be white with a gold edge.

     As you visualize this light, set an intention to define what your shields will do for you.

  • Intend that you will be protected from any energy that could harm you in body, mind or spirit;
  • Intend that no energy will directly touch you unless you consciously chose to let it;
  • Intend that you will be aware of the energy surrounding you, but that it cannot effect you;
  • Intend that your shields are always protecting you unless you consciously chose to let them down;

     You get the idea.

     What would you like your shields to do?

      As you do your visualizations, you’ll find over time that you feel more protected and more able to cope with the energy that surrounds you. Once your basic shields are functioning, you can tweak your visualizations and/or your intent to fine-tune your shields to best meet your unique needs.

     That’s it for now- more info on protection will be coming in future posts.

     If you’ve got questions, reach me at we_are_foresight@yahoo.com





PS Need to catch up on setting intentions? Try “And the Word for the Day is Intention” , “Setting an Intention” ,  and “Intentions 3-the Power of Intention in Everyday Living”.

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