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     ( Parts 1, 2 and 3 of this meditation can be found at the posts for 8/3/09, 8/9/09 and 8/16/09)

     We have roots that reach to the core of the Earth;

     We have branches that stretch to the Heavens;

     And now it’s time to bring Heaven and Earth together…

     Reach down through your roots, down to the energy at the Earth’s core. Connect with that energy.

     As you breath, picture that, with every breath, you draw that energy up from the Earth and through your chakras, clearing blockages and energizing yourself as you do so.

     Continue to breath up the energy from the Earth’s core until you feel it reach your crown chakra and rise from it like a fountain.

     Reach up through your branches, up to the energy of the Heavens. Connect with that energy.

     As you breath, picture that, with every breath, you draw that energy down from the Heavens and through your chakras, clearing blockages and energizing yourself as you do so.

     Continue to breath the energy from the Heavens until it passes through all of your chakras and out of the ones in your feet.

     Continue to breath, feeling the energy of Heaven and Earth filling you, grounding you, clearing you of blockages, energizing you and stabilizing your energy.

     If you have any negative or outgrown energy, you can breath it outwards down into the Earth, setting the intention that it will be recycled and transformed into something positive for the highest good of all concerned ( Mother Earth’s powerful,and She’s the original recycler!).

     Breath until you feel grounded, cleared and in good shape. Then open your eyes!

     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *    

     If you ground negative energy into Mother Earth to be recycled, please remember to say “Thank you.”

     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *    

     This meditation/ exercise is a classic for a number of reasons.

  • It’s good for helping you ground and center:
  • If you’ve been working with a lot on energy, it’s good for regrounding you in the physical world, so you can either continue to work or do something more physical, such as drive;
  • Empaths who’ve picked up excess emotional vibrations can ground them out into the Earth this way;
  • People with excess energy of other types can ground into the Earth this way;
  • It can help to balance out folks who are either excessively grounded or not grounded enough;
  • It’s a great way to recharge if you’re feeling depleted;
  • It’s good for clearing energetic blockages;

               …and much more…

     If you have a regular practice of psychic or metaphysical development, you could do worse than to include this exercise.

     In upcoming posts, I’ll be talking about other ways to ground.

     Catch you then





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     If you’re  a psychic empath, the odds are good that you’ve got an awful lot to deal with. As an empath, you’ve been given a psychic gift, but you need a bunch of skills and techniques to make it work for you ( kinda like all of those toys that come “batteries not included” , eh?)

     We’ve already covered some of these techniques and we’ ll be covering a lot more as we go along, but that’s going to take quite awhile.

     Wanna get a jump on things?…

     Try the Fall issue of  the Door Opener, Connecticut’s  spirituality and holistic health resource guide.

      You’ll find lots of useful and interesting information in the Door Opener. In the Fall edition, you’ll find a good-sized article by me on ways to survive and thrive as an empath, including expanations of this psychic gift and  practical methods to manage it and make it work for you.

     The Door Opener can be found at many New Age shops and health food stores throughout Connecticut and also at www.anopendoor.com.

     We’ll looking at many of these techniques over time. If you want to learn them faster, the article in the Door Opener can give you that short cut.

     More good stuff on the way.


     8/18/ 09



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     We’ve talked about energetic shields -what they are and why we need ’em…

        We’ve talked about a simple way to start to build your shields… 

           We’ve talked about  empaths and why they need shields…

                Now let’s talk about tweaking those basic shields 

                        to meet an empath’s special needs…

     As you may recall, in a previous post, we went into combining intention with visualizing light to build basic personal shields. These shields are designed to insulate and protect you from energy from outside of our energetic field, negative energy in particular.

     An empath without shields experiences the feelings and emotional vibes around her as if they were her own. She especially needs shields that keep her emotional energy separate and distinct from that of those around her so she is not overwhelmed by the energy around her, can function as an individual  and can use her gift, rather than be used by it…  

     If you’re an empath and you want to be able to use your gift, you need shields that will let you perceive emotional energy without actually taking it into yourself and experiencing it as your own.

      To do this, start with the basic technique we went over in “Metaphysical Protection-Energetic Shields 2” (Need to review? Go ahead-I’ll wait…).

      As you picture the light around you, set your intention that your shields will only let emotional energy actually touch you if you consciously chose to let it do so.  Make it your intention that any emotional energy that comes flying towards you that you do not chose to let in will stop at the outside edge of your shields (I tend to think of it as being like a bug on a windshield…), and that you’ll be able to perceive the information that energy has to give you without taking it into yourself, experiencing it as your own feelings and becoming overwhelmed.

      Over time, your shields will become strong but flexible, able to give you the coverage you need in any circumstance, without cutting you off from the benefits of psychic empathy.

     Pretty cool, that. And all for the cost of a little focussed daydreaming…

     There’s more metaphysical marvels on the horizon…

      Got questions? Contact us at we_are_foresight@yahoo.c0m

      Or leave a comment if  you like.





PS Just for the record, empaths can be either male or female. It’s just easier and  more readable to refer to one gender at a time

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     In previous posts(see “Metaphysical Protection-Energetic Shields“), I discussed what energetic shields are, why you might want to have them, and a basic technique to start developing your shields. This post is about tweaking energetic shields to serve the specific needs of an empath.

     What’s an empath?

     A psychic empath (as opposed to someone who’s psychologically empathetic, which is something totally different) is a particular type of psychic who’s really tuned in to feelings and emotional vibes. Empaths receive information from these “vibes” which can be useful for things like truly connecting with and understanding people, resolving difficulties, motivating folks and knowing who to trust ( amongst other things).

     With weak, poor or no shields, an empath will experience the emotions of everyone she comes in contact with as her own, whether she wants to or not. For instance, if you’re a poorly shielded empath, you may be feeling absolutely fine, but if an angry person comes into the room, all of a sudden you’ll find yourself feeling more and more angry for no particular reason, even if that person doesn’t say a word to you or have any direct interaction with you at all.

     This kind of uncontrolled experience can be very overwhelming- it can even make you feel a bit crazy. And other people won’t undersand you because you’ll be reacting to things they aren’t experiencing yourself.

     This is why you need good energetic shields.

     Good shields keep the emotional energy of others safely outside of your energetic field, while they keep your emotional energy safely inside your energetic field. They let you perceive the difference between your own emotions and the emotions you receive energetically from others( I like to think of it as the difference between “mine” and “thine”.) They let you receive the information that emotional energy gives you without the necessity of taking it into your body and experiencing it as your own.

     In my next post on shields, I’ll go into how to tweak the basic energetic shields so they more specifically meet an empath’s needs.

     Til then






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     Hi folks

     Want to take a couple of our classes for free? This weekend, we’ll be teaching and doing readings at Forest Folk Festival in Oxford, Ct. Admission is only $10 a day or $30 for the entire weekend ( Thursday evening through Sunday) and classes by us and a whole bunch of other fine folks, as well as lots of other fun activities, are free with admission. More information on the event can be found at www.forestfolkfest.com

     All profits from this event go to St. Jude’s foundation to cure cancer.

      Starwolf will be teaching

  • Dowsing 101 ( using L- Rods and pendulums ) on Friday and
  • Intro to Shamanism ( understanding the Shamanistic metaphysical path) on Sunday. 

        I’ll be teaching

  • A Touch of Tibet ( energywork with singing bowls, gantas/singing bells and tingshas) on Saturday and
  • Path of the Empath ( surviving and thriving with psychic sensitivity to emotional vibes) on Sunday

 For more information on these classes, check our website at www.ForesightYourPsychic.com

     Hope to see you there.


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