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The input is beginning to flow in from my beta readers. Haven’t heard from all of them yet, but I’ve put “The Swans of War” on standby circle and have started to work on “Living in Interesting Times” again.

Female entrepreneur on the street with storm

And, as always, it’s fascinating.

I know my topic pretty well (that’s why I’m writing about it) but it’s always a revelation to see how other people view what I’ve written. The points I may have missed. The things that are explained well for me ( because I already know about them) but are still for someone coming from a different type of experience. The parts where I’ve been typing so intensely  that I’ve missed some of the words in my head.

This is good for the quality of the books I’m putting out, but it’s also good for the bigger picture- as a reminder of how many points of view in the world and how many of us are different kinds of right.

Hope all’s right with you. Back to editing and rewriting.






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