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Was reading a few blogs the other day, and ran across one where the blogger was talking about the movie “Inception” and the nature of dreams. He noted that, at one point, during a gun battle, DiCaprio’s gun isn’t having the desired impact.  In response, his colleague tells him to use a little imagination, and as an example, he pulls out…a somewhat bigger gun. 

The blogger felt that was anticlimactic , because,with a dream, you could make almost anything happen.

Fair enough, that.

But it got me thinking….

What could you do if your mind didn’t tell you that it wasn’t possible?

I’d say that the bigger gun mentally worked for the agent in the movie because it was within his context of what  was actually possible. In dreams, you could do anything but, for many people, something that was too far out of their mental construct of possible would trigger mental resistance and block the whole arrangement

So he could accept a bigger gun, and there it was…

We see the same thing in the energywork of manifestation. Theoretically, anything is equally possible, and it’s as easy to manifest a diamond as a parking space, but most folks have mental limits that see the parking space as easy and the diamond as difficult.

And so they block the bigger item from coming into their lives.

This is why you see a lot of people who use the Law of Attraction to get good parking spaces, but very few lottery wins.

In the movie “the Matrix”,

  • The average mind accepts “reasonable” limits.
  •  The rebels are standouts because they accept as possible skills that reach the extraordinary end of normal human possibility.
  • The “Smiths” are deadly because they go beyond the limits of “normal” human possibility, but still follow natural limits.
  •  Neo is extraordinary, because, for him there are no limits…

And so, Neo can fly……

Food for thought.

What are your limits?

And, could you fly?….






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Another way of setting resolutions that work for you is working backwards.

So, send the family to the movies, take the phone off the hook, put on some soothing background music, set yourself in a comfortable chair with your arms and legs uncrossed and comfortably positioned, close your eyes and reach out….

Who do you want to be in a year?

What do you want to learn or achieve?

What parts of your life could use some improvement?

If you could not fail, what would you do?

Just let your spirit relax,and dream…..

And when you’ve dreamed awhile, open your eyes and take some notes.

When  doing this, it’s important not to fall into the trap of chosing things that you’re “supposed to want”;

Those may not be your things.

It’s also important to let yourself be free to dream, as opposed to “being sensible about things”:

While you may have sensible dreams, many times “being realistic” is how we kill our ability to do great things;

So write down the what – you can look at “how” you’re ging to get there later on; but you need the brainstorming/ connecting with your dreams part to be unlimiting.

Many of the most amazing things in the world started because people explored amazing dreams rather than “being reasonable”.

So who would you like to be?….






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Well, look there!..

Today is 1/11/11.

How symmetrical. The numbers won’t line up again like this for another hundred years.

Consulting my numerology references, I’m told that 1 is good for leadership, goal achievement, willpower, unconventionality, creativity, individuality and great potential for success.

Seems like we could be tapping into the power of one today.

Got a goal you want to achieve?

A habit you want to break?

Something you want to succeed?

A dream you want to make real?

You could do worse than to take action on it on 1/11/11. Especially if you started at 1:11 in the afternoon….

And set your intention that the power of all of those ones will help you to make things happen.

You’re number one!






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And we continue on on the natures of obstacles – the ones that are sent to strengthen our resolve vs the ones to tell us “You’re on the wrong path.”

So how do we know which is which?

Well, first I listen to my gut instincts. If they’re saying “Oh no you didn’t…” to the block, it’s usually a good sign that this is a sign of challenge, not “turn back, Dorothy…”, so I do my best to try to keep going.

But what if I find myself questioning the quest I’m on?

Well, that’s a good reason to step back and evaluate, using both head and heart, for the logic of the head will help me find blind spots that may have previously escaped me, and the intuition of the heart will help me sort the challenging dreams from the “too-cussed-stubborn-to-quit” experiences.

I ask myself questions…

Questions like

  • Why do I want to achieve this (remember to do the repeated “why” we talked about in a previous post)?
  • Is this in keeping with my Life Mission?
  • Do I think that I want this when what I actually want is what I think this goal will bring me? If this is the case, is there a better way to get that attached aspect?
  • If I had a friend who wanted to do this, would I be cheering her on, or foaming the runways for the crash?
  • Do I have beliefs that are in conflict with this goal? Do I need to work on changing my beliefs before I can make my Dream happen? (EFT is very helpful for this)
  • Are issues with self-esteem getting in the way of my Dream (fear of failure, fear of success, worthiness, etc)? Do I need to work on myself first?
  • Do I have the right goal but I’m just trying to get there in an inefficient way? Am I pounding my head against a wall, when all I have to do is stop pounding, look, and walk around the end of the wall?
  • Do I need help? Do I need to get together with other folks to make this happen?
  • Is this a good Dream, but the timing’s not quite right?
  • Is there a better way to achieve what I’m trying to do?
  • Have I taken appropriate and productive action to make my Dream come true?
  • Have I tried energetic ways of supporting my goal ( manifestation, attraction, clearing negative energy, cleaning with intention,etc)?

It’s good to take some quiet time, free of distractions, and contemplate questions like this. ( Go ahead, lock yourself in the bathroom if you need to…) You can also try some form of divination, such as tarot or pendulum  dowsing or use the process of programming your dreams to give you answers to your questions that is detailed elsewhere in this blog. Questions and processes such as these can give you insight so you know whether it’s best to keep on going, chose a different route or revise your goals altogether to bring them into alignment into what you truly want.

And this can be just what you need…






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Hi folks

We’re six days out from the first Changing Times, Changing Worlds convention on November 12- 14 in Northampton, Mass.

And this is a convention that you’re going to want to see….

This is a conference for Wiccans, pagans, metaphysical Christians, Reiki practitioners, alternative health people, energy workers, New Age folk, dowsers and all of us out in the alternative areas of metaphysics, spirituality, energy and health, and those of us who are curious about these things.

So, if you’re finding this blog interesting, you’ll probably enjoy this conference too…

There are going to be classes- 98 hours of classes, on topics such as

  • healing
  • spirituality
  • energywork
  • movement
  • magick
  • manifestation
  • clearing dysfunctional beliefs

and lots, lots more

(Class list here)

There’ll be a wide range of panels of interest in healing, metaphysics and spirituality.

There’ll be vendors and booksignings and lots of interesting people to talk to…

And Foresight will be there.

Will you?

Check it out- you don’t want to miss this…

Changing Times, Changing Worlds….

See you there






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Hi there

Doing dream work to tap into your inner wisdom or for manifestation? Here’s another quick tip.

You’re having one of those important dreams…

You know, the one that holds the missing piece of information you need that’s been hiding out in your subconscious or in the Cosm that lies beyond…

You’re just about to see the answer……



Then the alarm rings. The dog jumps on the bed. You get a cramp in your calf.

And the dream slips out of your grasp.

Don’t panic.

Get up, turn off the alarm, visit the facilities and do whatever else needs doing immediately.

Try not to talk or think too much. The more you can stay in that half-awake state, the easier it’ll be to return to the dream.

As soon as you can, return to bed. Many times lying in the same position you woke up in can be helpful.

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath and relax your muscles. Cast your mind to the last bit of the dream that you remember. And set your intent to continue the dream from where you left off…

Most of all, don’t panic. Relax. Don’t force it-let it. The adrenalin of trying too hard is in direct conflict with reaching the dream state.

So let go and let it flow…

If you don’t go back within 15-20 minutes, get up and do something else for a while. Then try again later. This lets your mind sneak up on the dream if it’s playing coy.

And know that you’ll get there.

Want more info on interpreting your dreams and actively working with them? We’ve got a whole series on dream work waiting for you in posts from October to December of 2009.(Check the category “Dreams”)

Sweet dreams






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Hi folks,

Do you ( like me) love to hit the snooze bar on the alarm clock for “Five more minutes…” of sleep?

Well, now you can use that delicious snooze to access your psychic ability.

Got a question, problem or issue you’re chewing over but can’t seem to resolve? Want to tap into your natural intuition for more insight?

Let’s try the “Five minutes more…” dream technique…

For this technique, you need:

  • An alarm clock
  • A  morning where you can sleep as late as you like
  • The ability to hit that snooze bar and go back to sleep
  • Enough fatigue to do so
  • Understanding housemates who will not insist you “get up now”

(Sounds like fun already, right?)

Before you go to sleep that night, set the alarm to wake you at a point where you estimate you will be rested but still able to drop easily back into slumber.

When the alarm sounds, hit the snooze bar then return to bed.

Allow yourself to drop off, thinking about the question you’re trying to sort out.

And watch for the dreams that are likely to pop up in those five (or six or eight…) minutes.

If you dream, you’ll often find vivid dreams with pertinent and useful information on your issue, once you interpret them (and we all know how to do that here, don’t we 🙂 ?..)

How does this work?

  • Having just come out of sleep and turning right back in, you’re still in alpha/theta or even a touch of delta. This is where your intuition hangs out.
  • Because you’ve likely just come out of dream state, you’re still half-way there and it’s easier and quicker to get back.
  • By thinking about your question as you drop back off, you’re programming the unconscious mind to access information on it.
  • By only allowing yourself the length of a snooze cycle or two, you allow yourself to go just deep enough to dream, but don’t go deep enough that you can’t remember your dreams.

If you do this on a regular basis, you’ll condition your unconscious. You’ll find yourself able to focus-dream the answers you need more consistently and easily.

And who couldn’t use that?

Give it a try…

See you soon





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Hi folks!

Welcome to a bright shiny new year- all for you! Now, what are you going to do with it?…

Let’s talk about New Year’s resolutions…

As you may know from reading previous posts, I believe that each and every one of us has something we’re here to do, a gift special and unique to us, something we bring to the party of life that no one else can bring.

A calling, if you will…

Unfortunately, many of us don’t discover what our gift is. Many more find that gift but doubt themselves so much that they kill their dreams (“who am I to think I’m so special?..”). Still others love their gifts but somehow can never find the time to make their dreams reality.

Here’s where resolutions ( New Year, birthday or second Tuesday in March) can help….

The classic take on New Year’s resolutions is that of theoretical goals that you mean to follow-through on but will actually never complete.

For instance:

  • You resolve to lose weight.
  • You buy a gym membership.
  • You go 4 days the first week.
  • You go 3 days the second week.
  • One time the third…
  • And never again.

What I’ve found more useful is to choose projects I want to complete or areas I want to improve in the coming year.

For instance:

  • Self-publish a book on palmistry.
  • Improve my personal health and stamina.
  • Develop more classes to teach.
  • Become a better writer.
  • Strengthen my relationships with family and friends.

You get the idea.

Once I have my targets, I make a list of things that I can do to move forwards  in each area. These can be big things, like taking a series  of classes, but a lot of times, I find breaking things into baby steps, like making a phone call or painting for 10 minutes actually makes it more likely that I’ll actually complete them (this is a technique called Kaizen, that I’ll get into in more detail in the future.)

The final starting step is to figure how much time I’m prepared to commit on a regular basis to make my dreams come true:

  • One hour a day?
  • Two hours a week?
  • 15 minutes a day?

Most people believe that it takes a major time commitment and sacrifice in all other areas of their lives to make their dreams a reality. Putting a majority of your time into your dreams does move them along faster, but the interesting thing is that a regular commitment of even small amounts of time can change your life in a major way.

So, giving a half an hour twice a week to your gift instead of  t.v., extra naps, or surfing the net can make your dreams reality far sooner than you might realize.

 (Don’t get me wrong- I love t.v., naps and surfing. It’s just that the secret to happiness is often about prioritizing my dreams 🙂 )

Resolutions are only the beginning. I’m going to be doing a series of posts on psychological, metaphysical, and personal development ways to make your dreams real..

But, if you’re starting on a journey of transformation, the first thing you need to know is where you want to go.

So,what would you like to do this year?

More soon…






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A good combination for grounding/ensuring a restful sleep is to place a mixture of hematite and apache teardrops between the mattress and boxspring.
 Hope this helps.





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Hey there, fellow dreamers…

In my last dream post, I talked about some ways that you can take some control about when, how and how often you experience psychic dreams.

Why would you want to do that?

Well, some examples of times when you might chose to limit psychic dreams or not dream that particular night are

  • the night before an important meeting or big test (you want to be rested and focused on the task at hand);
  • when you’re sick (illness can throw bizarre inaccurate twists into dreams, and psychic dreams can prevent you getting the rest you need to heal);
  • shared intimate experiences such as sex, death or childbirth (there’s such a thing as too much closeness…);
  • when there’s nothing that you can do (disasters on the other side of the planet);
  • when you need to be dreaming your own dreams, as opposed to someone else’s;

See how that works?

There may be some times that it’s a good idea to use the suggestion technique in the previous post, or other means to say that tonight’s not a good night for a psychic dream.

To keep your gift alive, you do need to use it, but not necessarily all of the time. Given that, it’s good to think about things at bedtime and consciously chose whether to open yourself to psychic dreams or not.

This will not only develop balance, so you get the rest you need, but also start developing your control over your more general psychic abilities- control that you’ll be glad to have later along (remember when I said that dreams are often the way that your psychic ability comes out to play first?…)

It’s also a good idea to incorporate a suggestion that, if this is a “non-dream” night, and there is urgent information that you need immediately for your own safety, health and well-being; or that of someone you care for, that the information will come through immediately and clearly ( “…This Night Is Pre-Empted For A Special Report…”)

So strike the balance between psychic information and rest, and have a wonderful day…






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