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… Ren faires. Day jobs. Mandatory training. Electronic systems that keep going down or that make no sense.

Some good stuff and some not so good, but overall, an awful lot of it

Time to get my center back

Time to Do Nothing For Two Minutes

You can too. I invite you to join me…






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We’ve talked a lot about 5 minute meditation; about how even small bits of meditation can have a positive effect on your health and well-being in body, mind and spirit; and about ways to fit little bits of meditation into your normal routine.

So the final step here is to actually make it happen. And for that, it helps to have a plan.

Take a moment or two and think about what your routine is like. Where could you fit in a 5 minute meditation or two?

If you’re waiting for a ride, you could listen to the world around you ,

If your’re standing in line at the grocery store, you could do a walking meditation,

If you’re having lunch, you could do an eating meditation,

If you’re sitting in front of the computer, you could do nothing for two minutes or do a guided visual relaxation,

If you’re waiting for an appointment, you could do a relaxation exercise,

If you’re at a traffic light, you could do a breathing exercise,

And almost any daily repetitive routine can be transformed into a meditation.

All you need are the elements of focus, relaxation and a willingness to come to that calm, still center within you, and meditation is there.

So sit back, and give some thought to where 5 minute meditation might fit in your life. Have a plan and build a routine. Give yourself reminders, if you need to, to take a little meditation break. ( I find index cards saying “Breath” in my Dayrunner and taped to places like my car dashboard, and beside my bathroom mirror are helpful.)

And make 5 minute meditation a good part of your life.

It does a body good.






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Mini – meditations are often based in focus- focusing on one thing at a time and stopping multi-tasking for a bit.

Your computer can help you do this. And here’s one way.

Do Nothing for Two Minutes invites you to sit back, and let a beautiful scene and the sounds of the waves carry you into a peaceful state.

Just settle yourself comfortably, and click on the link.

Once the ocean appears,  just watch, listen, breath and let your mind fall into a calm state.

Don’t touch mouse or keyboard for two minutes. If you bump either device, and the scene says Fail, just refresh and try again.

It’ll seem like a long time at first, but you’ll be surprised at how good you feel after two minutes of peace. Great for stress mangement, too.


Click “Do Nothing for Two Minutes”






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