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Have been watching the political posts online during the primaries. Some of the things hands with laptop typing in nightthat are posted are absolutely true, some are true or false based on how you view the world, and some are so ridiculously false that it’s a wonder that peoples’ noses don’t grow when they post them.

Usually, though, you can read something and pretty much figure out the difference between fact and horse feathers. The problem with this year’s campaign is that so many outrageous and bizarre things are none-the-less true that it’s hard to get a feel for it by just reading them.

The bottom line is that, if you want to act with integrity, in this campaign there are times when you are going to have to check your facts on certain things before you share them. Check them so that you’re not promoting lies that can hurt a person, a candidate or a country.

So why am I talking about that here on Foresight’s blog?

Well, the other day, I saw a post from a friend who was upset. Someone had come into the metaphysical store she worked at it and asked about smudging with sage. Someone else had told them that if they did it themselves and did it wrong, they could summon demons to them.

(and that person evidently had an expensive service where they would do the smudging for them, demon free…)


Now I have no problem with people being paid to perform services that other people feel uncertain about or don’t want to do. I do have a problem with people lying to people to sell them expensive services, especially when they threaten them with harm.

I suddenly had a cosmic “a-ha!”  In this way, metaphysics is like politics. If you don’t know about a particular subject,  you need to seek out information but you also need to check that information, especially if it’s intimidating or seems designed to frighten you into opening your wallet further.


  • Find good books on the subject.
  • Consult sources on the internet that you’ve found reliable (hopefully including this one)
  • talk to people at metaphysical stores that you feel comfortable with
  • take classes
  • and don’t just take your info from once source. Consult multiple sources to see if you’re getting the straight story.

Be smart. Be safe. Don’t get fooled.

(and, by the way, you cannot summon demons by smudging with sage. Smudging with sage banishes unwanted energy- it doesn’t attract it. You can, however, set off the smoke detector, so deactivate that temporarily while you smudge…)






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