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Earlier this week, I posted a link to a video for the after dark joust for Halloween Knights, going on at the Connecticut Renaissance Faire every Saturday night and on Sunday Oct 7th as well, just so you could get a taste of what the spooky part of the faire would be like.

But that’s not all that’s happening.

The faire is full of fabulous events that happen every weekend. Catch such acts as the Tribal de Luna bellydance troop, Circus Stella with their fabulous combination of strength and flexibility, aerial acts and talented canines performers, the music of the Trouvieres or the Lost Boys, the laughter of Commedia Mania or the Pope and the Cardinal, and the sheer fun of Vixens En Guarde. And that’s not even taking into account all of the going on in King Arthur’s Court!

But there are also themes and events that are special to each weekend

This weekend is Time Traveller Weekend, when visitors from other genres than the medieval are especially welcome. Steampunk or Star Wars, fantasy or Dr Who- this weekend is especially for you. This weekend you can

     -Enter the Cosplay costume contest (10/6)

     -Enter the Steampunk costume contest (10/7)

     -See fantasy artist, Jane Star Weils (6-8)    

     – Attend a book signing with R.A. and Geno Salvatore(10/6)             

     – Join our fingerdancers on Deaf Awareness Day (Oct 6)

     -Join us for safe trick or treat (10/6,7,13,20,27)

     – Enter the kids costume contest during Halloween Knights (10/6,7)

     -See the Owl-o- Ween show, during Halloween Knights (10/6,7)

     -Attend the Babes in Bodices contest (10/7)

     -Attend or enter the Men in Kilts contest (10/8)

And that’s all in addition to all of the regular wonderful the faire is made up of.

(That includes us, the psychics of Foresight. We’ll be there doing readings and Reiki and selling my books and having a wonderful time out of time.)

In short, this is gonna be a busy weekend at the Connecticut Renaissance Faire, and just crammed full of awesome. It’s so nice, you may have to do it twice.

And there’s three more weekends beyond this one…






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This weekend is the third weekend of Robin Hood springtime festival, and, in honor of Mom, this weekend has been named Wine, Chocolate and Romance weekend.

What a great place to take your mom  for Mother’s Day – into the romance of the High Middle Ages….

And, as if that were not enough,

Friar Tuck will be doing vows renewals on both days. Come pledge your troth in Sherwood Forest

May 7  is Deaf Awareness day with fingerdancers throughout the faire

This weekend only –

Cu DubhThe sounds of ancient thundering war drums and skirling dual bagpipe like you’ve never heard before.

Living History Demonstrations by  the mercenaries and women of Das Geld Fähnlein – including battlefield medicine, cooking, and military drill 

On limited engagement – Iron Hill Vagabonds;                                                        and Faire Wynds presents the Glass Harps;

And that’s just the special events for this weekend, added to all of the other wonders usually occuring. More amazing experiences than you can have in one day ( so it’s good to come back);

Including readings by the psychics of Foresight,

So you know that a good time’s in store..

So, come on- show your Mom a good time. And come and party at the Robin Hood sprintime festival.







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Watch Out! The Invasions are coming!…

It’s Invasion Weekend on October 9, 10 and 11 at the Connecticut Renaissance Faire, and there’s a wave of invaders headed for the court of King Arthur.

October 9th is Deaf Awareness day. Join a wave of “Finger Dancers” who will be interpreting a variety of shows at CTRF for our deaf and hard of hearing visitors.

October 9th is also the Pirate Costume contest. Set sail for CTRF in your pirate finery and join the invasion.

October 9th and 10th is the International Mettle & Might Tournament, when competing knights from around the world will battle for honor and prizes.

October 11th (Columbus Day) is the Men in Kilts contest. Yet another wave of invaders on these shores…

And there will also be all of the usual fun of CTRF- the food, the shows, the shopping,…

And the psychics of Foresight.

Want to know more? Click here

Two weekends have passed – there’s only three left. And you deserve all of the fun of Connecticut Renaissance Faire.

We’ll see you there!






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