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As many of you may know, Starwolf and I are currently working at the Connecticut Renaissance Faire on the weekends ( 4 more weekends for any of you who may want to come out and join us…)

When you work at a renaissance faire, you meet a lot of interesting people and see a lot of interesting things, This year, we’ve had the rare treat of seeing the Lords of Adventure show on a stage at the end of our lane. The Lords of Adventure are Jack Bold and Roger Awesome, who do a show combining combat, comedy and philosophy. Their premise starts with the idea  that you can chose to be a hero or be a victim by accident.

Cool thought. That’s pretty deep for a knockabout comedy act.

I’d encourage you to come to the faire and catch their show. I’ve enjoyed watching them work, and I think that you’d like them too.

But, even more than the show, I was fascinated by what went on between shows.

The new site is wonderful, but the footing is largely gravel. We noticed a ma in a wheelchair down the lane having a hard time getting anywhere. Starwolf got up to go out and ask him if he wanted some help- but before he got out of the tent, along came Jack Bold.

In the most flamboyant way possible, Jack swooped down on the man in the wheel chair, instantly made friends, asked if he wanted help and then declared that they were off on another adventure, and dashed away with him in the direction the man wanted to go.

Jack not only helped him but also turned it into a theatrical adventure that the man in the wheelchair became part of.

When I spoke to him later, he told me modestly that he’d seen that visitor having problems, and, having asked permission, made it his business to help each time he saw him bogged down.  Jack respected the man’ s  autonomy by asking permission, and then did everything he could to make his day  special.

Jack Bold is my hero. He practiced compassion- and he brought the adventure, too.

And that make me think

In my life, every day, how can I practice compassion?

and how can I bring the adventure?






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Earlier this week, I posted a link to a video for the after dark joust for Halloween Knights, going on at the Connecticut Renaissance Faire every Saturday night and on Sunday Oct 7th as well, just so you could get a taste of what the spooky part of the faire would be like.

But that’s not all that’s happening.

The faire is full of fabulous events that happen every weekend. Catch such acts as the Tribal de Luna bellydance troop, Circus Stella with their fabulous combination of strength and flexibility, aerial acts and talented canines performers, the music of the Trouvieres or the Lost Boys, the laughter of Commedia Mania or the Pope and the Cardinal, and the sheer fun of Vixens En Guarde. And that’s not even taking into account all of the going on in King Arthur’s Court!

But there are also themes and events that are special to each weekend

This weekend is Time Traveller Weekend, when visitors from other genres than the medieval are especially welcome. Steampunk or Star Wars, fantasy or Dr Who- this weekend is especially for you. This weekend you can

     -Enter the Cosplay costume contest (10/6)

     -Enter the Steampunk costume contest (10/7)

     -See fantasy artist, Jane Star Weils (6-8)    

     – Attend a book signing with R.A. and Geno Salvatore(10/6)             

     – Join our fingerdancers on Deaf Awareness Day (Oct 6)

     -Join us for safe trick or treat (10/6,7,13,20,27)

     – Enter the kids costume contest during Halloween Knights (10/6,7)

     -See the Owl-o- Ween show, during Halloween Knights (10/6,7)

     -Attend the Babes in Bodices contest (10/7)

     -Attend or enter the Men in Kilts contest (10/8)

And that’s all in addition to all of the regular wonderful the faire is made up of.

(That includes us, the psychics of Foresight. We’ll be there doing readings and Reiki and selling my books and having a wonderful time out of time.)

In short, this is gonna be a busy weekend at the Connecticut Renaissance Faire, and just crammed full of awesome. It’s so nice, you may have to do it twice.

And there’s three more weekends beyond this one…






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We’ve had seven days/ three weekends of fun at the Connecticut Renaissance Faire.

There’ s only one weekend left…

We’ve seen amazing performances;

Ate delicious food;

Had wonderful adventures;

We’ve had many, many wonderful people come to visit our booth on Ironsides Way in the village of Caerleon at the Connecticut Renaissance Faire;

And there’s still time for you to be one of them !  🙂

There’s one final weekend of chivalry, comedy, adventure, romance and good family fun at Connecticut Renaissance Faire,

Not to mention the psychics of Foresight.

Come eat a turkey leg, party with a pirate, cheer the hero, kiss a fool and get a reading from your Foresight soothsayers (that’s medieval for psychics.)…

Or find your own medieval fun…

We’ll see you there…





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They say that three is a magick number.


  • this is my third post about Connecticut Renaissance Faire
  • we’re coming up on the third weekend of the faire…
  • this weekend will be a special three day weekend                          ( Saturday, Sunday and Columbus Day Monday) at the faire…

So wouldn’t this  be a great weekend for you to join us?

The Middle Ages is throwing a great party and you’re invited. Brigands are jamming on electric guitars; acrobats are dancing on stilts and juggling fire; headsmen break out in song; puppets are making people laugh and think; bards of all types are flocking to the faire; Good and Evil are meeting upon the field of battle…

And the only thing missing is you!

The coming weekend would be a great time for you to drop everything and  join the party at Connecticut Renaissance Faire!

And, while you’re there, drop by our booth for a reading  by the psychics of Foresight.

We’ll be there with bells on!






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Our second weekend at the Connecticut Rennaisance Faire is coming up fast, and there’s so many good things to be experienced.

There’s the music, the adventure, the magic, the mystery. There’s wizards and warriors, acrobats and jesters, bards and damsels in distress. There’s games and crafts and feats of derring do…

And then there’s the food…

Whether it’s turkey legs or scotch eggs, fresh squeezed lime-aide or deep fried jester chips, red pepper gouda soup or  sweet or savory crepes or hot, fresh doughnuts, there are delicacies to suit every taste…

Not to mention another chance for a reading by the psychics of Foresight. With our menu of tarot, palmistry, I Ching, pendulum dowsing and intuitive readings, as well as a wide range of information on metaphysical, spiritual, personal development and alternative health topics, we also offer options to suit every taste.

So snack your way around Connecticut Rennaisance Faire- but don’t forget to stop by at Cafe Foresight






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Did you miss us at the Lakewood Rennaisance Faire in New Jersey?

Did you catch us at Lakewood and decide you can’t get enough of medieval merriment?

Well, you’re in luck again…

You can catch the psychics of Foresight from Sept 26- Oct 18 (Columbus Day and weekends only) at the Connecticut Rennaisance Faire in Hebron, Ct.

See knights in armor, jesters, magicians, bards, the Fae, and lots, lots more ( including us, of course).

And stop in for the psychic reading of your choice…

For more information on Connecticut Rennaisance Faire, please click here.

Hope to see you there.





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