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We’ve talked a lot about clearing your metaphysical tools. We’ve talked about clearing your tools with

  • visualizationteal aura eyes C
  • energy
  • salt
  • fire
  • air
  • earth
  • water
  • moonlight
  • sunlight
  • and intention.

We’ve talked how important it is to clear your tools when you first get them, in order to clear away and negative or unwanted energy that they may have picked up before you got or made them, and get them ready for you to work with.

There’s one more thing we should touch on before winding up this series on clearing your tools.

You don’t just do it once.

Sure you want to clear them before you start working with new tools, to clear out old energies and make room for the energies you want to work with to come in; but you also want to clear your tools as needed on a regular basis, to clear them of anything they may have picked up as you went along.

Maybe you were in a bad mood one day, and part of that mood holed up in your wand. Maybe you have someone extremely bouncy living with you, and now your drum just winds you up. Maybe the crystal that you keep in your work space is picking up the stress of your cubicle mate

So clear when you start out, but remember to do some maintenance as you go along too (especially if it starts to get harder to move energy around)

Get clear and get moving

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