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To make the circle permanent you will need “repeaters” to keep it up.  The best one’s that I have found are double terminated Quartz crystals. You can bury them if outside or, if inside, mount them in the wooden candle cups, the kind you find in craft stores.
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If you need to take your Circle down:
1:Face north. Say” Spirit of  North , Power of Earth, Go if you must, Stay if  you will.”
2: Turn 90 degrees counter-clockwise. Say “Spirit of West , Power of Water, Go if you must, Stay if you will.”
3: Turn 90 degrees to south. Say “Spirit of South, Power of Fire, Go if you must, stay if you will.”
4: Turn 90 degrees to east. Say “Spirit of East, Power of Air , Go if you must, stay if you  will.”
5 : Say “the circle is open”

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                                                                  Starwolf 01/13/2011

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