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We’ve been talking about reconciling differences between Christian and pagan paths for a while, and now I want to go on to the second half of this reader question, that of reconciling differences between the Christian path and metaphysics.

Many people believe that the two paths are diametrically opposed, and you can only be on one of them. For the most part, they believe this because of what they have been told.

But oddly enough, the Bible doesn’t seem to agree with this. It’s full of stories of prophets and healers and miracles, all in the service of God. It speaks of things such as healing, and the working of miracles, and the discernment of spirits, and prophesy, all as gifts from God that one should strive to have, to build and to use (I Corinthians chapters 12 and 14)

I believe that, just as God has placed wind and trees and water and human beings in this world, so also He has placed magick/ energy here.  It’s here for us to use, and, while we must be sure to use it in an ethical fashion, it is not unethical to use it.

I believe that God has made me as I  am – and that means short and round, possessed of a love of puns, and filled with a desire to help others; and also a psychic, a healer, and a worker in other metaphysical paths.

Hope that helps to shed some light (or even Light…) on the subject.

Coming up  – per another reader request, we’ll be getting into 5 minute meditation…






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